Richard Smith

born: 15 April 1924
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
died: 27 June 2000
Fresno, California,
United States of America
(age 76)

American actor, the twin brother of Robert Smith. The boys were born to Etta Angela (née Taylor; b. 31 Aug 1897 in Glenmont, KS; d. 14 Jan 1956 in Fresno County, CA) and Harry Vandola Smith (b. 3 Aug 1880 in Cambridge, OH; d. 31 Aug 1958 in Fresno County, CA). Harry worked as a barber, and together he and Etta had two more children: Virginia Louise (m. Gavello, 24 Mar 1926 - 12 Mar 2000) and Donald Clayton (1 Nov 1928 - 29 Dec 1995). It looks like Harry and Etta divorced before 1940, although Harry appears to still be living with Etta and the kids in the 1940 Census? Etta had previously married a Chester E. Elliott in 1916 and had a son named Elbert (1919-1981); she then later married a man named Ebert, then twice wed a Ross G. Alexander (in 1947 and in 1949).

At least one source gives a birthdate of 15 December 1912 - which would have made him 15 years old in the Our Gang film "Baby Brother", and that just isn't possible.

With regards to his place of death, it should be noted that Fresno is listed as his last place of residence and not necessarily his actual place of death.
Real name: Richard Harry Smith
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Baby Brother

Acknowledgements: (birth certificate) (CA Birth Index) (1930 Census) (1940 Census) (Social Security Death Index) (autographed card, dated 11 [Jun or Aug] 1992)
Jesse Brisson (help and research)

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