Paul Howard's
Quality Serenaders

formed: 1925 disbanded: 1930

Popular American jazz band based in Los Angeles, California and led by saxophonist Paul Howard. A reformation and expansion of Howard and pianist Harvey Brooks' previous group, The Quality Four (1923-24), they were the resident house band at Frank Sebastian's New Cotton Club from 1926 to 1929. They are perhaps best known today for their Victor recordings of 1929-30; several numbers were cut in leased space at the Hal Roach Studios, while the band was appearing in Charley Chase's Leaping Love. In March 1929, they moved from the New Cotton Club to the Kentucky Club on Central Avenue. In 1930, they moved residency once more to the Montmartre in Hollywood until the Depression closed that club's doors in the summer of 1930, after which the Quality Serenaders disbanded.

Members during the band's five-year history included:
- Paul Howard (tenor saxophone, clarinet, director)
- Harvey Brooks (piano, composer)
- Leon Herriford (alto saxophone, clarinet)
- Henry "Tin Can" Allen (drums)
- Thomas Valentine (banjo, guitar)
- George Orendorff (trumpet)
- Louis Taylor (trombone)
- Lionel Hampton (drums, piano, vocals - replaced Allen)
- James Jackson (tuba)
- Lawrence Brown (trombone - replaced Taylor)
- Charlie Lawrence (alto saxophone, clarinet, composer - replaced Herriford)
- Lloyd Reese (alto saxophone, clarinet)
- Earl Thompson (trumpet)
- Reginald Foresythe (piano - replaced Brooks)
- Charlie Rousseau (guitar - replaced Valentine)


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