Patsy Britten

born: 18 October 1923
Seattle, Washington,
United States of America
died: 07 October 2013
Monroe, Snohomish County, Washington
United States of America
(age 89)

American child actress. Her parents were Joseph George Britten and Lois M. Lippy. Her sister, Eudora, was 3 years older and born in CA. By 1930, she was singing on the radio in Seattle. After "Our Gang", in 1934, she was singing, dancing, and playing accordion in a vaudeville/night club act with her sister Eudora as "The Britten Sisters". By 1936, she was doing a solo act which included acrobatic dancing. She was billed as a "former Our Gang Star". In 1938, she was back in school in Seattle and eventually enlisted in the US Navy for World War II service.
Note: Her Family Tree at has her birth year as 1924 and her middle name as "June" which is also on her first marriage certificate.
Real name: Patricia Jane Britten
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Free Eats


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Jim Jarvis (help and information)

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