Nolan Leary

born: 26 April 1889
Rock Island, Illinois,
United States of America
died: 12 December 1987
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(age 98)

American actor. He acted from 1915 into television in 1980. In 1923 (NYC), he married actress Helen Johnston until his death in 1989. He also took care of his invalid sister. During WWI he served in France and remained there after the Armistice to entertain troops with the YMCA.
Real name: George Nolan Leary
Height: 5'7½"
Films listed on this page: 1 film with Laurel & Hardy.



Nothing But Trouble
Painter #2

Acknowledgements (1918 Apr 1 Oakland CA: WWI Draft: supports invalid sister) (1919 Jul 19 Paris FR: emerg passport to work for Y.M.C.A.) (1923 Apr 16 NYC: marr lic for Helen Johnston) (WWII Draft Cards 1942 LA: Height 5'7 1/2") (1987 Dec 13: obit LA Times) (1987 Dec 12: nice bio w/ photos)
Jim Jarvis (information)

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