Ned Norman

born: 31 July 1930
Newark, New Jersey,
United States of America
died: 03 September 2021
Chapala, Jalisco,
(age 91)

American child actor. His birthdate is per the 1937 ship passenger list. He had three brothers who were born in New Jersey with not too many years spread between them.
His Dad was Samuel J. Willner (b.1888 Poland/Austria)) and his Mom was Anna Karpal (b.1900 Germany). They owned a very successful furniture store in Newark, NJ and always had a family servant living with them. They divorced about 1937 and the Mom and four sons moved into a new $10,000 house in Beverly Hills, CA (worth about $4,000,000 today). Next door, lived Jack Mc Edward, a well-established assistant movie director for Fox Studio. With him is his 17 year-old step-son, William, who became the famous producer/director, Blake Edwards. He was the same age as Norman's oldest brother and close in age to his 15 year-old brother. Presumably, they hung out together and attended Beverly Hills HS. At Beverly Hills HS, Norman was active in sports and competitive public speaking. The "LA Times" in October 1943 has a blurb about speakers giving presentations at the Wilshire Boulevard Jewish Temple: "....Speakers at succeeding programs are to include....Norman Willner, juvenile actor..." He competed in amateur tennis matches from High School on into his senior years in retirement in Florida. Norman served his country as a Major in the United States Marines.
In the 1940 Census (Beverly Hills), Norman is on a separate page from his Mom and it says he was born in New York. If you look at the number for "family in order of visitation" (by the enumerator), Norman's is the same as his Mother and brothers' number.
Real name: Norman Willner
Films listed on this page: 1 film with Our Gang.



Waldo's Last Stand
Piano player

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