Mrs. Cartwright

born: 04 August 1881
Comox, British Columbia,
died: 17 December 1963
North Vancouver, British Columbia,
(bronchial pneumonia, age 82)

Canadian actress. Her children were Dick Cartwright and Peggy Cartwright.

She married Dr. Conway Cartwright (1877-1952), who enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces from 1914-1919 spending over 4 years in the Ambulance Corps in France. The "job" almost worked him to death from exhaustion, paratyphoid fever, and myocarditis. He took his various weeks of leave time in Canada and the US to spend time with Annie and the 2 children.
In a 2001 interview, daughter Peggy said that when she contracted scarlet fever in Canada, the Dad relocated Annie and the kids to California so she could recuperate. The Mom entered both children in a dramatic school where they did public performances of dancing and athletics with great success. One day Sessue Hayakawa visited the school looking for a small child for a film. Peggy didn't get picked. Even though Mom, Annie, didn't want Peggy in movies, the girl showed such disappointment that the Mom allowed her to be listed with a casting agency. After success in movies (about 1925), the Dad moved the entire family back to Canada "so the children could be properly educated".
Real name: Annie Dora Crawford
Height: 5'4"
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