Monte McDaniels

born: 09 February 1883
Fergus Falls, Minnesota,
United States of America
died: 20 May 1957
Monterey Park, California,
United States of America
(acute coronary occlusion, age 74)

American actor. "Jesse" was born in Minnesota but the family moved to Butte, Montana where he went to High School and acquired the nickname "Monte". He boxed professionally on the West Coast as "Montana Kid" from about 1904-1910 and gained a good following as feisty and publicly challenging tough boxers in his lightweight division but lazy about training. In LA in 1908, he fought a tough Eastern boxer and was knocked out in less than 1 minute of the first round without throwing a punch. Through his clever, "ballsy" pre fight negotiations he received $475 for his "less than one minute's work".
In the 1910 LA Census, he says he is a "pugilist" married for 2 years to Hazel who plays piano in a cafe but his "first" marriage to Hazel appears in the April 1911 LA marriage records where he is a "clerk" and she is a "piano player".
In April of 1912 (LA) when he marries Mona Coleman, he claims to be a "clerk" who is single and never married. She is a "domestic". He is age 29. She is age 18.
In Sep. of 1915 (Santa Ana) when he marries Grace Cohen, he claims to be a "clerk" who is single and never married. She is a milliner born in Australia; they remained married until his 1957 death!
In the 1917 LA City Directory he is an actor.
In the 1918 LA City Directory he is a clerk.
In his 1918 WWI Draft Card he is a "dog trainer and boxing instructor".
In the 1920 LA Census he is "advertising 'pipes' and motion pictures".
In Oct. 1920 his trained bulldog "Kid" acts with Blanche Sweet in the film "Help Wanted: Male".
In the 1922/24 San Diego City Directories he is a "clerk".
In the 1925/27 Alhambra City Directories he is a boxing instructor / pugilist.
In the 1930 Monterey Pk. Census he is a dog kennel owner.
In the 1940 Monterey Pk, Census he is a carpenter.
In Apr. 1942 Monterey Pk. WWII Draft he is working at a "W.P.A." job.
In the 1950 Monterey Pk. Census he is a packer in a paint factory.
Real name: Jesse Howard McDaniels
Height: 5'6"
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An Eastern Westerner

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Jim Jarvis (all bio notes and research)

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