Mary Blackwood

born: 04 October 1912
Colfax, Louisiana,
United States of America
died: 01 May 1969
New York City, New York,
United States of America
(age 56)

American actress, born to Dr. Edward H. Blackwood and his wife Laura (Lora) Souther in Colfax, Louisiana (about 30 miles from Alexandria). They were a wealthy and socially prominent family. At the University of Texas (Austin), she was elected "Miss Texas Sweetheart" (1932) and went to Hollywood with her Mom in 1933. She got small parts in several movies. Sometime after 1938 she went to New York to become a photographer's model. There she met and married (1942) London born, William Miesegaes, wealthy heir to a Dutch rubber company and eventually a documentary film company president. They were civic and socially active in NYC and had a daughter in 1954. They were married until her death in 1969.
Real name: Mary Tom Blackwood
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Pick A Star
Miss Apple Valley

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Jim Jarvis (research and help)

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