Mary Ann Such

born: ?

United States of America
died: ?

(age ?)

American child actress. have birth/death dates: 28 December 1931, West Virginia - 15 November 15, 2012. have nothing.
The April 4, 1940 Census has the 'Ancestry' Mary Ann living with her family in Gary, Indiana; and were also living in Gary in 1935. Following the Public Family Tree, there is no indication that after leaving WV and coming to IN, that the family ever left IN except the last 10 years of her life where she lived with a daughter in Queensbury, NY where she died. The Mary Ann on Ancestry has an obituary which doesn't mention any acting or singing experience. The actress with this name listed by the IMDb appeared in 2 other movies released in 1937 and 1938.
So, for now her dates remain questionable pending further investigation.

Films listed on this page: 1 film with Our Gang.



Waldo's Last Stand

Acknowledgements & sources: (1940 Census Gary, IN enumerated 04 April 1940) (2012 MARY A. POULOS obit)
Jim Jarvis (research)
Drina Mohacsi (identification in Waldo's Last Stand)

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