Malcolm Denny

born: 06 August 1894
Ryde, Isle of Wight,
died: 27 July 1970
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital,
Pontiac, Michigan,
United States of America
(age 75)

British actor who served in the British-Indian Army during World War I (alongside Reginald Denny [né Dugmore], to whom he was either a distant cousin or not related to at all), retiring from duty as a major. He had lived in India for ten years, acting as a policeman for two years, before coming to America in 1922. He later lived in several places in the U.S. including Minneapolis, Minnesota (where he was naturalized in 1936) and Eastchester, New York (working as a fountain pen salesman), before settling in Michigan in the early 1940s; he was appointed regional manager of the Lansing/Flint headquarters of the Research Institute of America in 1942. Denny got back into acting around 1949, occasionally appearing on stage with the St. Dunstan's Guild of Cranbrook, Michigan through at least 1951. He spent his last years in Birmingham, Michigan, and later was a sales agent for Josten's, Inc. jewelry commercial division. He was survived by his wife Myrtle ("Bea," née Wisler; b. 26 Nov 1900, d. 13 Apr 1971), whom he married on 02 Aug 1934 in Chicago, Illinois.
Real name: Percy Richard Malcolm Denny
Height: 5'11"
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Mighty Like A Moose
Gigolo at party

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