Lois Boyd

born: 05 October 1904
United States of America
died: 03 February 1995
Orange County, California,
United States of America
(age 90)

American actress. She was a Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty. Her parents were Birdie Alice "Blanche" Boyd (1886-1971) and Harry Cleve Broom/Brum (1881-1929), who married on 16 November 1902 in Johnson County, Texas, USA. They divorced between 1912 and 1920, and on 20 March 1921, Blanche remarried to police officer William Roseberry Simpson (1888-1939; committed suicide by gunshot).
On 25 February 1920, Lois married film cameraman Ray Lloyd Ramsey (1899-1952). They had a son, Ray Ervin Ramsey (later Ray Boyd Erickson, 1921-2009), who was born 18 days before her mother's re-marriage, but Lois and Ray, Sr. divorced by 1927 (Ray married several more times, including to Shirley Hughes, stand-in for Myrna Loy). On 10 July 1927, Lois married orchestra leader Lou Erickson (Louis Joseph Erickson, 1904-1984). They had a daughter, Lorlee Lou Erickson (m. Banks), on 27 April 1929; a month before, on 16 March, "38"-year old (actually 42-year old) Blanche gave birth to William Reed Simpson, a new stepbrother for Lois.
There is a good possibility that Lois may have actually been born in Texas; her parents married there in 1902 and they're living there in the 1910 Census, which says she was born there.
Real name: Lois Harriett Brum (or Broom)
Height: 5'0"
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Dr. Jack
Card-playing father's daughter

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Steve Rydzewski (identification in Dr. Jack)
Jesse Brisson (research and information)

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