John Northpole

born: 23 December 1892
Stari Grad, Croatia,
died: 26 February 1964
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(age 71)

European-born actor with an unusual surname! In 1926, as part of the US citizenship process, he legally changed his name to "John Northpole Kovacevich". He arrived in the US in 1912 and went to Fresno, CA to live with his sister and brother-in-law to work on their farm. He may have wanted a legal name change partly because of the myriad of "John Kovacevich's" who emigrated from Yugoslavia in the late 19th thru the 20th Century as indicated by the records for that name found at and
He "made" national news when he "set the record for Hollywood's smallest role" in Paramount's film "A Son Comes Home" when they had to pay him "scale $25" for uttering the word "ugh". That was 1936.
Real name: Giovanni Kovacevic
Height: 6'0"
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Why Girls Love Sailors

Flying Elephants
Caveman (?)

One Million B.C.
Rock person

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