Joan Del Mar

born: 28 November 1934
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America

American child actress and stand-in throughout the 1940s. As a child actress she was known as Joan Delmer. After raising a family she returned to Hollywood show biz as Joan Del Mar and worked on film, television and commercials from 1993 till her retirement in 2020.
Real name: Joanne Leajacobson Delmer
Films listed on this page: 1 film with Laurel & Hardy.



Nothing But Trouble
Girl at football game

Acknowledgements: (1932 Dec.11: LA: parents' Marriage License) 1934 (Nov 28: Birth Record transcript: "Joanne Leajacobson Delmer") 1940 (C LA: w/ parents & 2 sis: Dad salesman wholesale women's clothing) (1942 Feb 15: Dad's WWII Draft Card: Irwin Jacobson Delmer (signature) (1950 C LA: w/ parents & sis: "Joanne L. Jacobson-Delmar") (1954 Sep: "Joan Lea Delmer" marr Bert Philip Poncher)
Craig Calman (information gained from the actress herself)
Jim Jarvis (additional information)

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