Harry Lorraine

born: 14 September 1867
Louisville, Kentucky,
United States of America
died: 20 May 1935
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(liver cancer, age 67)

American actor, also known as Harry Loraine (in fact, going by various records as cited below, the "single 'R'" spelling of his stage surname appears to have been the spelling that Harry himself preferred/used).
His parents were Elizabeth (Keller) (1846-1915) and Henry Schroth, both of Germany. Harry's 1921 marriage certificate claims father Henry (whose last name is given as Loraine, as it was on Harry's previous marriage record thirty years earlier, presumably to "keep up appearances") was from France, and that Elizabeth was born in Alsace-Lorraine (formerly part of the German Empire, but by then annexed and occupied by France after World War I), which makes me wonder if perhaps that's where Harry got his stage name. Harry, who appears to have been the eldest of several siblings, was born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio.
On his World War I draft registration card (dated 12 Sep 1918), Harry Loraine (single "R," as presented and signed by himself) gives his date of birth as 14 September 1873. Using this month and date, and comparing to earlier records, it would appear that Harry was actually born in 1867. He lives at 1336 Gordon Street, Los Angeles, and gives his employer as "Henry Lehrman; Fox St[udio] Sun Shine" -- working in Fox Sunshine comedies for Lehrman. He lists his nearest relative as Mrs. Lillian Landwehr of Cincinnati, Ohio; Lillian (née Schroth) was one of Harry's siblings. The "description of registrant" section describes Harry as tall (specifically, 5'11½"), of medium build, with brown eyes and being bald with dark brown hair. By 1920, Harry is living at 1023 North Hudson Avenue, where he would live for the rest of his life.
At the time of his death, Harry had been suffering from chronic diffuse nephritis for five years, and had been known since New Year's Day 1935 to be battling "adenocarcinoma of the liver." Several months later, at 10pm on 20 May 1935, Harry succumbed to the cancer at Hollywood Hospital. His death certificate gives his occupation as director of motion pictures. The informant on the certificate, a Mrs. Virginia Julier (spelled "Gulier" on the DC), didn't seem to know much about him other than his occupation and that he was born in Kentucky, divorced, and about 67 years old. Harry was cremated through Hollywood Crematory, and his remains are interred in the Columbarium of the Graces, at Dahlia Terrace inside the Great Mausoleum, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.
He is not to be confused with at least two other Harry Lorraines: a British actor and director (b. Harry Heard/Herd, 1885-1970), and an American theatrical booking agent (b. Harry Wolff, c. 1890-1934).
Real name: Henry Schroth
Height: 5'11½"
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