Harry Burns
born: 20 July 1882
died: 09 January 1939
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(heart attack, age 56)

Polish-born actor, director, producer and later magazine publisher. He began in vaudeville as a champion bag-puncher, later working as a boxing referee and trainer at the Vernon arena in Los Angeles. He entered pictures in 1914 as an extra and later became a director for Universal, Fox, Vitagraph and other studios, gaining a solid reputation for working with animals. He also served as President of the Assistant Directors Association.
On the set of the 1923 film Souls for Sale, Harry rescued six persons from a burning circus tent, but he himself was trampled by a horse and spent seven months in the hospital. He had been writing a regular column for the magazine Camera! which evolved into The Hollywood Filmograph, of which he ultimately became Editor as well as owner and President. He championed the cause of the film extra and succeeded in getting them paid daily (when previously, they had been paid only weekly). When the Filmograph folded during the Great Depression, Harry went into extra work himself. He suffered a fatal heart attack while driving his car through Hollywood.
He married actress Dorothy Vernon on 27 December 1914 in Santa Barbara, California. He was the stepfather to her son, screen comedian Bobby Vernon, who died five months after Harry.
Not to be confused with the vaudeville dialect comic, film actor and one-time Three Stooges co-star of the same name, who died in 1948.
Real name: Jacob Elman
Height: 5'11"
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


Look Pleasant, Please

Here Come The Girls
[unidentified character]

On The Jump
[unidentified character]

Fireman, Save My Child
[unidentified character]

The City Slicker
[unidentified character]

Somewhere In Turkey
[unidentified character]

Are Crooks Dishonest?
[unidentified character]

An Ozark Romance
[unidentified character]

Why Pick On Me?
[unidentified character]

Take A Chance
[unidentified character]

She Loves Me Not
[unidentified character]

Going! Going! Gone!
[unidentified character]

On The Fire

The Dutiful Dub
[unidentified character]

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