Gustav Schaffrath

born: circa 1904

German midget actor.
He is found in 1930 Census (Los Angeles with many other Circus Performers) as Gustav Schaffrath and was born 1904/05 in Germany. Occupation Circus Performer in LA. An article in Los Angeles Times from April 17, 1927 reads: "... Oliver Hardy, contract featured players Will Stanton, Frank Brownlee, Anita Garvin, May Wallace, (...) Ward of vaudeville fame and Gustav Schirrffrath (Schaffrath), midget. Sailors Beware was filmed April 4 - 18, 1927." His Ellis Island Papers in March 1923 says his Destination along with a friend Herman Joseph Klinkhart and Two other Schaffrath Family Members (Ida and Wilhelm) was to join the A.S. Barnes Circus in Dallas, Texas.

Height: 3'0"
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Acknowledgements & sources:
LampyMeier2007 (identification in Sailors Beware + bio information)
Jim Jarvis (additional information)

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