Gladys Johnstone

born: 21 April 1895
United States of America
died: 27 June 1985
Los Angeles County, California,
United States of America
(age 90)

American actress and stuntwoman who doubled for Marguerite de la Motte and Eleanor Boardman.
Her second of three husbands was Bert Roach, whom she married on 25 July 1926 in Los Angeles. After almost exactly five years together, Bert filed for divorce in July 1931, charging Gladys with cruelty; he stated that she routinely stayed out all night without explanation and that she threw things, including a bronze statue of an elephant, at him in fits of anger. The decree was granted to him a couple of weeks later.
The natural spelling of her family surname appears to be Johnson, although she occasionally spelled it Johnston with a "t" (another letter closer to her "professional" spelling, Johnstone). A possible birth announcement in a Kansas newspaper (link below) suggests she may have actually been born on the 25th in Wakefield, Kansas (her parents married there about nine years before). She later claimed a birthplace of Texas, where she appears to have been raised (although I cannot find her in the 1900 Census, but I can find her widowed mother Lena and her older sister Hazel living in Fort Worth, TX -- curiously without Gladys, although Lena notes she has two living children).
Real name: Gladys Marie Johnson
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