George Calliga

born: 02 January 1897
died: 18 January 1976
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(age 79)

Romanian-born actor. He was born on the same day as Jane Blyler. He was an established 25 year-old actor in Romania and emigrated to the US in 1922 with $1,000 in his pocket given to him by his "foster Mother", Mrs. Carrie V. King, of Paris, FR . He traveled as a "student" to go to his "friend's", Mrs. Walter Coster of NYC.
In Los Angeles in 1944 he married Mabel Gould, he age 47 and she age "58". She lied about her age and actually was 66; a first marriage for both. She died in 1959. Her newspaper obituary described her as a "club woman".
Real name: George Virgil Calliga
Height: 6'1"
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Topper Takes A Trip
Casino patron

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