Emmylou Wallace

born: 30 March 1894
Buhler, Kansas,
United States of America
died: 30 November 1963
Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(cerebral hemorrhage/pneumonia, age 69)

American actress. Her parents were Russian-born David H. Kirsch (1870-1936), and German-born Emma (Jacobson) Kirsch (1872-1929), who married 25 May 1893 in Newton, Kansas, USA. She was the oldest of six siblings (one, David, died at age 9 in 1908). Emmy married dentist Divinius (Daniel) Albert Rainboldt (1898-1985) on 27 November 1918. They had two children, John David Rainboldt (1923-1952; committed suicide by ammonia poisoning) and Joyce Lousin Rainboldt (1925-1983; later became a fashion and advertising photographer). Emmy filed for divorce from Rainboldt in March 1929; the decree was granted two months later. Emmy never remarried. She later became a real estate saleslady and broker (by 1940).

In August 1920, Emmy-Lou Rainboldt went on the stand to testify against actor Francisco Reiguera, an employee of "a local cinema studio." On 12 April 1920, Reiguera lured Mrs. Rainboldt to his office with the promise of motion picture work, which she was still taking to aid her husband as he completed dental school. After entering a room in the Bryson Building, "the defendant locked the door and attacked her, maltreated her and tore off many of her clothes." She broke down several times during her testimony, and after retelling the sordid story on the stand, Emmy fainted just outside the courtroom. Her husband testified that Emmy had been under a doctor's care since the attack. On 1 November 1920, Reiguera was sentenced to 64 (or a maximum of 100) years in San Quentin for the attack. If this is the same Francisco Reiguera who later acted in films including MAJOR DUNDEE and Orson Welles' unfinished adaptation of DON QUIXOTE, then clearly he was eventually paroled or got out somehow. He was discharged 25 November 1926 after a little more than 6 years of incarceration.

Francisco Reiguera Perez - (b. 09 November 1888, Madrid, Spain; d. 15 March 1969, Mexico City, Mexico - heart attack, age 80). Reiguera was married to the same woman for 21 years (no kids) until his death.
Francisco's height varies from 5'4" to 5'11". His height on his San Quentin Prison record is listed at 5'7¾".
He left his hometown of Madrid, Spain some time after November 26, 1915 where he was a student and worked for the Post Office and arrived in New York City some time before June 5th, 1917 where he filled out his WWI Draft Card and he said he was an actor in motion pictures. One source says he started in film in 1913. In August of 1918 he was working in an untitled film for the Diando Co. in a scene with "Fatty" Arbuckle and broke a bone in a foot and spent some time in the Glendale, CA hospital. After his discharge from prison he became a wine salesman and merchant and traveled extensively between France, Spain, Mexico and the USA and eventually became a naturalized Mexican citizen. By 1940, he was into acting again, mainly in films in Spain and Mexico and Italy. He is credited as an actor in 142 films and writer, director, and producer in a few.
Real name: Emma Kirsch
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


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Girl stroking horse

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