Elsie Grusow

born: 20 March 1895*
St. Louis, Missouri,
United States of America
died: 11 June 1995
Vallecito, Calaveras, California,**
United States of America
(age 100)

American actress, born to Sylvester D. Greeson (1861-1960) and Arvilla Green (1867-1953). Her father lived to age 99 and Mom to age 85! Lacking a Birth Record, the 1895 date is most likely as it is found in the 1900 Census and "calculates out" in the 1910 and 1920 Census's and 3 known Marriage Certificates. Her first marriage was in 1913; her third was to Robert A. Dillon (1889-1944) in 1918, a prolific and well-known scenario writer and director (no record found but possibly Mexico). Ancestry.com researchers Teri Moncelle and Ruth Blankenbaker give a Google translated quote from a Mexico City newspaper that says she filed suit against Dillon for bigamy.
4 Dec 1926, "El Heraldo de Mexico":
Robert A Dillon, a film actor, was saved yesterday from going to jail for the crime of bigamy, which Mrs. accuses him of. Elsie Mae Dillon, graceful young woman, who until recently was the companion of his life; but the curious thing is that Dillon confesses his crime and despite that, the judge can not do anything against him, simply because the action of the law that punishes such crimes prescribes the years.
Mrs. Dillon, in her lawsuit, said: "We got married on 1918 and we lived well until last spring, in which for reasons that are not relevant, we do not dislike and I threatened my husband to ask for my divorce. To this explosion my husband answered with a loud laugh and told me that I could not sue him for the simple reason that we were not married, adding that when he joined me he was perfectly married to another woman."
"When do you say you got married?" --- the judge asked Mrs. Elsie.
"In 1918" --- she replied. "Well, I'm very sorry, the judge replied. --- The action of the law prescribes after five years and therefore there is nothing left to do in this case."
Evidently, the case was thrown out of Mexican court because the 5 year statute of limitations had run out! Ironically, her 1944 marriage name is "Mae Van Flick". She didn't conceal her Greeson maiden name so she may have had a marriage between 1926 and 1944.

Her surname may actually be GRUSON, according to "The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia".

*some sources say she was born in 1896. ** some sources say she died in Riverside, California, USA.
Real name: Elsie Mae (May) Greeson
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