Edna Murphy was given her own serial, "Her Dangerous Path" which went into production in April 1923 and continued until August. The ten episodes in the series were directed by Roy Clements and each were 2 reels in length, except for the first episode which ran for 3 reels. It is not known whether any of these episodes survive today. The dates given below are from the Silent Era website, published by Carl Bennett and conflict with dates previously listed by film historian Rob Stone.
Stone lists episode 4 as "If You Become A Society Reporter On A Newspaper", but Bennett gives the title of "Should She Become A Politician's Wife?". Both sources are usually trustworthy, so take your pick and flip a coin.

10 Edna Murphy

All films Hal Roach/Pathé Exchange and in order of release.
What The Sands Told (Aug 12, 1923)
Fetters Of Gold (Aug 19, 1923)
At The Brink (Aug 26, 1923)
Should_She_Become_A_Politicians_Wife (Sep 02, 1923)
Should She Marry An Artist (Sep 09, 1923)
Should She Marry A Rancher (Sep 16, 1923)
Should She Become A Society Reporter? (Sep 23, 1923)
Should She Marry A Scientist? (Sep 30, 1923)
Should She Become Assistant To A Detective? (Oct 07, 1923)
[title unknown] (Oct 14, 1923)