Edith Valk

born: 24 May 1903
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
died: 12 November 1960
Los Angeles County, California,
United States of America
(age 57)

American actress and dancer. Not to be confused with the Chicago-born Sennett Bathing Beauty of the same name (1897-1980) -- yes, there were TWO Edith Valks working in films at nearly the same time! What lends credence to my conclusion that it's the Los Angeles-born Edith (or Edyth/Edythe) who appears in Burglars Bold is not only that the "other" Edith got married in 1918, but also that "our" Edith's older sister Viola appears in Harold Lloyd's Number, Please? at roughly around the same time as Burglars Bold (also listed in the cast for Number, Please? is a "Viv Valk," possibly younger sister Virginia; The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia spells their last name as "Volk"). In the 1920 Census, Viola, Edith, and Virginia are all professional dancers, living with their parents and older sister Ethel (no profession listed).
On 6 July 1925, Edythe Valk (as her first name is spelled on the marriage records) married stage mechanic/technician Joseph Roy Agnew (1888-1949). Rather ironically, Joseph was born in Chicago -- just like the "other" Edith Valk! After the marriage, "our" Edith moved with Joseph to San Diego, where he was residing at the time. By 1930, Edith was known as Buddie V. Agnew. (Interestingly, like The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia, her headstone also misspells her maiden name as "Volk," but per a California Death Index entry, it would appear her death certificate got it right: "Buddie Valk Agnew.")

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Burglars Bold

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Jesse Brisson (bio notes and research)

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