Eddie Morgan

born: 13 June 1912
Port of Spain, Trinidad,
British West Indies
died: 15 September 1974
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(age 62)

American actor. The Dad was of German extraction and the Mom, French. In Trinidad, they made chocolate from cocoa beans for a German candy company. He relocated the family to the US in 1920 and went to work for an American candy company in Boston which had been confiscated from Germany in WWI. He died in 1929 and the widow moved the family to Los Angeles. Eddie's oldest sister had started acting in films in New York. By the 1930 Census in LA, all 4 siblings were acting in motion pictures. Older sister Harriet became actress "Jean Fenwick". Anthony became actor "Eddie Morgan". Brother George kept his name and became a "movie studio writer". Younger sister Violet became "famous" actress "Marian Marsh". In 1934, "Eddie Morgan" changed his stage name to "Anthony Marsh" to match his sister's.
The 1940 Census for LA shows all 4 siblings as college graduates and earning in excess of $1,000 per year. Oddly, on "Eddie's" October 1940 "Young Mens' Draft Card" he is living in LA but employed by the "Black Magic Mine Co." which was an iron & other minerals mining operation in the San Bernardino Mountains. His height is given as 5'11", but about half the time, other records give his height as 6'0".
In October of 1945 in LA he married May Hough (1920-1989) a divorce' who worked as a "blueprint operator": No children.
At least one source gives incorrect information as to his dates being 23 June 1910 Walla Walla, Washington - 27 January 1993 McLean, Virginia).
Real name: Anthony Edward Krauth
Height: 5'11" - 6'0"
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The Knockout

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