Don Roberts

born: 13 March 1890
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
United States of America
died: -- March 1966
New York, New York,
United States of America
(age 76)

American actor, of vaudeville and radio, who had a brief Hollywood film career during the mid-late 1930s. He often appeared in Columbia films as well as some of their comedy short subjects, including some early Three Stooges comedies (having a two-line bit role at the beginning of their very first Columbia short, 1934's "Woman Haters"). He also had a brief part in "Citizen Kane" (1941).
He was once married to, and teamed in vaudeville with, Hazel "Sunny" Boyne (herself later a bit player and extra in Hollywood films and TV series, appearing in three episodes of "I Love Lucy"). They had a contentious divorce in 1924, but decided to professionally re-team a year later; the reunion lasted merely one week!
Some vital records give a birth year of 1886; 1890 is supported by the earliest source I can find for him (the 1900 Census), as well as his entry in the usually-trustworthy Social Security Death Index.
Real name: Robert Stuart Eshelman
Height: 5'7½"
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


Hot Money

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Jesse Brisson (bio notes; identification in Hot Money)

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