Dick Rush

born: 16 August 1882
Dubbo, New South Wales,
died: 11 March 1956
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(age 73)

Australian-born actor with a fairly big film career in Hollywood (at least one unreliable source claims AUSTRIA as his country of birth).
His 1882 Australian Birth Record gives his birth name as "Charles Orr Rush", Orr being his Mother's maiden name. His 1956 LA Death Record gives his birth name as "Charles Orrrichard Rush". Other records don't mention "Richard", only "Charles (Dick)" with "Dick" in parenthesis. In his Citizenship Applications he claims to have arrived in America in 1919 but he is on a ship's passenger list as arriving in San Francisco from Australia in January 1907 as a "warehouse man". By the 1910 Census, he was a "bartender in a saloon".
He was a prolific assistant director, director, and actor. In September 1918 in San Francisco, he volunteered for the Imperial Australian Force and after training in LA and Canada as a rifleman, he spent a year in France and was discharged in London in October 1919. He was a veteran of the Boer War where he had served 19 months as a "mounted rifleman" until 1903. He earned 3 decorations for his military service. He married divorcee Geneva Houck Fredericks (1882-1965) in CA in June 1932: his first and her third. They had no children. Dick became a US Citizen in 1949.
*Regarding his height: "official" sources vary from 5'11½" - 6'0½".
Real name: Charles Orr Rush
Height: 6'0"* [see above]
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


Taxi Barons
Taxi company foreman

Arbor Day
Murphy, side show barker

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