Have you ever watched an old movie and wondered what the filming location looks like now? From "The Music Box" steps, to the streets of Culver City and everywhere in-between? Florida resident Chris Bungo has undertaken a project to document and photograph many of the locations seen in the 1920s and 1930s and given us a modern-day view of how progress has changed those landscapes over the past ninety years.

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New titles are being added frequently and will be highlighted as and when they appear in the future.

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All photographic work copyright Chris Bungo. All rights reserved.

Ache In Every Stake, An (The Three Stooges)
All Wet (Charley Chase)
Angora Love (Laurel and Hardy)
Another Fine Mess (Laurel and Hardy)
Another Wild Idea (Charley Chase)
At First Sight (Charley Chase)

Bacon Grabbers (Laurel and Hardy)
Beauty And The Bus (Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly)
Big Business (Laurel and Hardy)
Big Business (Our Gang)
Birthday Blues (Our Gang)
Bouncing Babies (Our Gang)
Boxing Gloves (Our Gang)
Boy Friend, The [I] (Max Davidson)
Boy Friend, The [II] (Max Davidson)
Bring 'Em Back A Wife (The Taxi Boys)
Bromo And Juliet (Charley Chase)

Cat, Dog & Co. (Our Gang)
Champeen, The (Our Gang)
Count Takes The Count, The (Charley Chase)
County Hospital (Laurel and Hardy)
Crazy Like A Fox (Charley Chase)

Dog Days (Our Gang)
Dog Heaven (Our Gang)
Dogs Of War (Our Gang)
Dollar Dizzy (Charley Chase)
Don't Park There [PART 1] (Will Rogers)
Don't Park There [PART 2] (Will Rogers)
Don't Park There [PART 3] (Will Rogers)
Duck Soup (All Stars)
Dumb Daddies (Max Davidson)

Election Day (Our Gang)
Every Man For Himself (Our Gang)

False Alarms (The Three Stooges)
Fast Company (Our Gang)
Fast Work (Charley Chase)
Fire Fighters (Our Gang)
First Round-Up, The (Our Gang)
First Seven Years, The (Our Gang)
Fish Hooky (Our Gang)
Fluttering Hearts (Charley Chase)
Fly My Kite (Our Gang)
Forgotten Babies (Our Gang)
Forty-five Minutes From Hollywood (Glenn Tryon)
Four Parts (Charley Chase)
Free Wheeling (Our Gang)

Get Out And Get Under (Harold Lloyd)
Going Bye-Bye! (Laurel and Hardy)

Hasty Marriage (Charley Chase)
Helpmates (Laurel and Hardy)
Hi'-Neighbor! (Our Gang)
High Gear (The Boy Friends)
High Society (Our Gang)
His Silent Racket (Charley Chase)
His Wooden Wedding (Charley Chase)
Hog Wild (Laurel and Hardy)
Honky-Donkey (Our Gang)
Hook And Ladder (Our Gang)
Hoose-Gow, The (Laurel and Hardy)
Hot Spot (The Taxi Boys)

Innocent Husbands (Charley Chase)
It's A Bear (Our Gang)

July Days (Our Gang)

Kid From Borneo, The (Our Gang)

Lad An' A Lamp, A (Our Gang)
Lazy Days (Our Gang)
Leave 'Em Laughing (Laurel and Hardy)
Liberty (Laurel and Hardy)
Limousine Love (Charley Chase)
Little Sinner (Our Gang)
Long Fliv The King (Charley Chase)
Love Bug, The (Our Gang)
Love 'Em And Weep (Laurel and Hardy)
Love My Dog (Our Gang)
Luncheon At Twelve (Charley Chase)

Men O' War (Laurel and Hardy)
Midsummer Mush (Charley Chase)
Moan & Groan, Inc. (Our Gang)
Monkey Business (Our Gang)
Music Box, The (Laurel and Hardy)
Mysterious Mystery!, The (Our Gang)
Mystery Man, The (Snub Pollard)

Now We'll Tell One (Charley Chase)
Noisy Noises (Our Gang)

Ol' Gray Hoss, The (Our Gang)
Old Wallop, The (Our Gang)
On The Wrong Trek (Charley Chase)
One Wild Ride (Our Gang)
Our Gang (Our Gang)

Pack Up Your Troubles (Laurel and Hardy)
Perfect Day (Laurel and Hardy)
Pest, The (Stan Laurel)
Playin' Hookey (Our Gang)
Pleasant Journey, A (Our Gang)
Pooch, The (Our Gang)
Post No Bills (Paul Parrott)
Pups Is Pups (Our Gang)
Putting Pants On Philip (Laurel and Hardy)

Railroadin' (Our Gang)
Real McCoy, The (Charley Chase)

Saturday Morning (Our Gang)
Second Hundred Years, The (All-Star/Laurel and Hardy)
Seein' Things (Our Gang)
Should Husbands Be Watched? (Charley Chase)
Small Talk (Our Gang)
Sneak Easily (ZaSu Pitts & Thelma Todd)
Something Simple (Charley Chase)
Spook-Spoofin' (Our Gang)
Sting Of Stings, The (Charley Chase)
Sun Down Limited, The (Our Gang)

Tax For Two (The Taxi Boys)
Taxi Barons (The Taxi Boys)
Teacher's Pet (Our Gang)
Telling Whoppers (Our Gang)
Their Purple Moment (Laurel and Hardy)
Thundering Taxis (The Taxi Boys)
Towed In A Hole (Laurel and Hardy)
Two Tars (Laurel and Hardy)

Wages Of Tin (Glenn Tryon)
We Faw Down (Laurel and Hardy)
What Price Taxi (The Taxi Boys)
Why Girls Say No (All-Star/Marjorie Daw)
With Love And Hisses (All-Star/Laurel and Hardy)
Wreckety Wrecks (The Taxi Boys)

You're Telling Me (The Boy Friends)
Young Sherlocks (Our Gang)
Your Own Back Yard (Our Gang) [Part 1/5]
Your Own Back Yard (Our Gang) [Part 2/5]
Your Own Back Yard (Our Gang) [Part 3/5]
Your Own Back Yard (Our Gang) [Part 4/5]
Your Own Back Yard (Our Gang) [Part 5/5]

Hal Roach Studios site 1948/1972/2005 (2014)
Hal Roach Studios site (2015)
Prominent Culver City sign (2015)
Site of the Hal Roach Studios Administration Building [I] (2015)
Site of the Hal Roach Studios Administration Building [II] (2016)
The Taxi Boys (2014)