Charles DeBriac

born: 15 November 1915
New York,
United States of America
died: 06 January 1935
Manhattan, New York,
United States of America
(age 19)

Red-headed young American actor. His twin brother was Raymond DeBriac.
One source claims that actor Jean DeBriac was his father, but research by ANM's Jim Jarvis has proven this to be false. Jean was in fact, his uncle.
According to the NYC Extracted Birth Records at and, the twins were born first, "Charles R. L. Epailly" and second, "Frederick L. M. Epailly". They became known as Charles and Raymond DeBriac. Apparently, Charles R. L. was called Raymond and Frederick was called Charles. No reference to a "Frederick DeBraic" is made in subsequent newspaper articles or "official" records' transcriptions. They were described as rambunctious red heads and a 1921 newspaper blurb said "....their own mother can distinguish them only by a birthmark..." A possible explanation for their naming is at Raymond's biography page on this site.
The twins' Father, Jules, and his brother, Jean were prolific, multi-talented stage actors in the East. Jean became involved in the movies and moved to Los Angeles. Jules stayed mainly with stage productions in New York City. In 1921, he moved the family to Los Angeles and brother Jean "got" the twins into films. After a few years, the family moved back to New York (Long Island) where the boys attended school and their Dad worked in the theater. All 3 Epailly brothers were interested in chess and played in amateur team chess tournaments. After High School, the Mom moved to LA with the 3 boys and the Dad remained in NYC. A more complete bio of the Uncle and Dad of the twins can be found on this site.
In April 1935, the Mom ("Mrs.G. De BRIAC"--re-married?) from LA, was desperately searching for her missing son, last address in Elmira, NY. Why didn't she know that son CHARLES had died months earlier in Manhattan Jan. 6th? In her 1937 citizenship application she said she didn't know the whereabouts of son CHARLES or her husband (acting on Broadway) but knew the other 2 boys were living in LA. and have an extracted Death Record for "Charles Epailly" (son of Jules) for 06 January 1935. They have no Death Record for a "Frederick Epailly" for any year. Strangely, The Mom wrote a letter from LA asking the police chief of Elmira, NY to look for her missing son, Charles, at a specific address in town. Charles wasn't there. The newspaper blurb from Elmira was 22 April 1935. Her son had been deceased for over 3 months! No obituary found in New York newspapers.
Real name: Charles Epailly
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Every Man For Himself

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