Chai Hong

born: 26 November 1885
died: 04 January 1946
Manhattan, New York,
United States of America
(age 60)

Korean-born silent screen actor. His WWI draft reg. card lists his present occupation: "Motion Pictures," "LKO Motion Picture Co." Stats: Short, medium build, black eyes, black hair.
According to author Thomas Reeder, Hong was working as Lew Cody's valet and houseman mid-1925. Researcher Jesse Brisson feels pretty positive he later went by the name "Chester Hong," moved to New York City, and worked as a cook.
A WWII draft reg. card for Chester Hong states he was born 26 Nov 1885 in "Yang Sang" [Yangsan?], Korea (WWI DRC gives "nearest relative" as [U or J]. S. Lea of Yangsan, "Corea" [sic]"). Unemployed. Stats: 5'0", 130, brown eyes, black hair, dark complexion, "Limps - uses cane."
Chester served as a cook aboard the SS Thomas Lynch during WWII. While in this capacity, 135-pound Hong was "seriously assaulted" by a 200-pound seaman serving aboard who had continually been in fights with other crewmen and even the "Bo's'n." The master and chief mate of the vessel reportedly did not follow proper protocol in disciplining the known troublemaker. Hong sued and was awarded $3,000. Chester Hong died on 04 January 1946 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. It's most definitely a match, as I can't find any other Chester Hongs in the area, and the profession matches ("Cook - Merchant Marines"), but the record gives a different birth date (02 September 1882).
Real name: Chai Young Hong
Height: 5'0"
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