Cecile Arnold

born: 09 July 1893
Louisville, Kentucky,
United States of America
died: 18 June 1931
Hong Kong,
(acute Infective Myocarditis, age 40)

American silent screen supporting actress. Her biological father, Anthony Arnoux (1865-1932), was born in NYC and became a newspaper reporter as was her brother, Given Campbell Arnoux (1895-1966) who followed in his father's footsteps. Her mother, Susan Campbell (1872-1930) was born in Paducah, Kentucky and after divorcing Arnoux, she married Albert D. Evans in St.Louis, MO, 31 May 1902. After having 3 more children there, they moved to Texas.
Cecile married her first husband,Sennett employee, Chauncy F. Reynolds (1890-1935) about 1917 and divorced in 1919 and accompanied her newspaper reporter brother to China. In China, she married China-born, David Toeg (1881-1957), a stock broker scion of a wealthy Syrian family residing in England. They were divorced before 18 June 1931 as per her Death Certificate. On 26 July 1931, he married (in Shanghai) a 30 year old Russian-born woman with a 10 year old son as noted in his application for US citizenship in 1949.
Family researcher, LoriStricker at Ancestry.com, (without sources) says that her son, David Toeg, was fathered by Nicolai Merkuloff a Russian-born merchant who worked in China and was 12 years her junior. In his book, "Mack Sennett's Fun Factory", Brent Walker says that she left China for San Francisco in 1922 (sic) so her child would be born on American soil. She departed China (alone) on June 14, 1924 and her son was born exactly 9 months and one day later on March 15, 1925 which may lend some credibility to LoriStricker's story.
Curiously, her 1919 passport application says her husband, "James (sic) was deceased" (named Frank, died 1935). Her 1921 passport says she is divorced from Frank. Her 1924 passport application says her father is "deceased" but he died in 1932.

At least one source claims she was born in April 1891. One source at Ancestry.com gives a birthplace of New York City.
She is buried in Happy Valley Roman Catholic Cemetery, S5 #5567, Hong Kong, China.
Real name: Cecile Laval Arnoux
Height: 5'5½"
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