Babe Lloyd

born: 25 September 1895
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
died: 24 March 1971
Reno, Nevada,
United States of America
(age 75)

American actress, musician, and entertainer.
Napa Daily Journal, 25 Apr 1916: "She was rated as being the most high-class cornetist in Napa during her residence here and since her venture as a cafe entertainer she has gained considerable prestige."
Napa Daily Journal, 24 Jul 1919: "'Babe' Lloyd Still on Stage: Luella Aten, formerly of Napa, and known on the stage as 'Babe' Lloyd, is now playing a several weeks' engagement with a burlesque company in New York City, according to word received in Napa by friends of the young actress."
Obituary in Reno Evening Gazette, 26 Mar 1971: "A semi-retired clerk, she was . . . a musician for the Ziegfield [sic] Follies many years ago."
Real name: Llewella Jones
Height: 5'5"
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