Ardda Lynwood

born: 17 June 1941
Cincinnati, Ohio,
United States of America
died: 15 May 2015
Kingman, Arizona,
United States of America
(age 73)

American child actress. She evidently twice married Donald Reed Kinsey on 14 January 1961 then on 01 Oct 1966, both in Nevada. They divorced May 1972. She was Ardda Linwood Nieb for the first marriage, and Ardda L. Russell for the second. She had three children, Arthur Russell, Darlene Kinsey and Donald Kinsey.
According to her obituary, she also led the San Gabriel Valley/Inland Empire dart leagues as a "professional 'steel tip' dart shooter" and later owned her own real estate office, Crestview Realty in Kingman until she retired in 2009.

Dunkirk Evening Observer, 09 Sep 1946:
Four-year-old Ardda Nieb, who bears a striking resemblance to Shirley Temple during Shirley's early child-star days, has been signed to a movie contract by Hal Roach and will appear in pictures under the name Ardda Lynwood. Ardda's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nieb, moved from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Hollywood to give their daughter her big chance.
Real name: Ardda Nieb
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