Aline DeCourcy

born: 30 May 1896
United States of America
died: 18 November 1959
San Francisco, California,
United States of America
(heart ailment, age 63)

American actress, the sister of Grace DeCourcy. Their older brother, Walter DeCourcy (1893-1966), also worked in films as a director. In 1934, she married Alexander Robertson Dower (1888-1941), a laboratory technician for Paramount Pictures and a cousin of Mary Pickford. In the 1950 Census, the widowed Aline is working as a film cutter in motion pictures. In 1956, she re-married to Judge Thomas P. White (1888-1968), later an Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court. Two years after Aline's 1959 passing, Judge White re-married to her sister Grace.
The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia refers to her as Ealine DeCorcey.
Real name: Aline Kathleen DeCourcy
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Now Or Never

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