Al Forbes

born: 05 April 1891
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
died: 06 July 1931
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(tuberculosis, age 40)

Tall, slender Canadian-born actor who previously co-starred in L-KO comedies with Merta Sterling (1917-18), only to pop up again in a handful of Hal Roach comedies (1923-24). The 1901 Canada Census and his 1927 naturalization record both give 5 April as Al's birth date, but his World War I draft registration card says 15 April.
At the time of his death (at Virginia Rest Home, Los Angeles), he had been battling chronic pulmonary tuberculosis (right side) for "4-5 years," with myocarditis (2 months) a contributing factor. His birth date was not known by the informant on his death certificate, who guessed he was about 45 years old (he was, in fact, 40). Forbes is interred at Acacia Memorial Park in Seattle, Washington, USA.
Real name: John Alastair Forbes
Height: 6'0"
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Mr. Hyppo

The Soilers

One Of The Family
Would-be chauffeur

Postage Due

The Cake Eater

Zeb vs. Paprika

Rupert Of Hee Haw

Wide Open Spaces
General Custer

Short Kilts

The Old War-Horse
Union soldier

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