A.H. Frahlich

born: 04 June 1887
North Dorchester, Middlesex, Ontario,
died: 13 May 1958
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(uremia/nephrosclerosis/heart disease, age 70)

Canadian-born juvenile actor who usually acted under his birth name of Allen (or Allan) Fralick. He changed gears and became best known as Freddie Fralick, a prominent Hollywood agent and manager. He married Alice Renze in 1929.
Moving Picture World, 08 Jan 1916: "Allan H. Frahlich is the latest addition to the Rolin Company staff, and is now playing juvenile." I am not sure why the spelling of his surname was changed to "Frahlich" during his brief Rolin stint, especially since the cleaner "Fralick" is indeed his birth surname.
Later claimed he was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Real name: Allen Fralick
Height: 5'6"
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Luke, Crystal Gazer

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