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-Revisitied the James Finlayson short, Sure-Mike (1925) by adding all the intertitle cards, location shots to the page. I also watched the film with two different DVD copies, side-by-side to note the differences. The LTL DVD is complete and the Alpha Video is missing 26 seconds of footage, including 3 intertitle cards. Thanks to Brad Filippone.
-Yet another very helpful and generous donation from Jim, who must be running out of space on his hard drive now for all the video thanks I do in return for them!
-I have been without internet service for a few days and just got it back now. I have some work to catch up on and some website-related e-mails to sort out. Some updates I need to announce:
-Firstly, thanks to Brian Barr for his 51st consecutive monthly donation. With the cost of living getting absolutely bloody stupid in the UK, I appreciate this help even more now. Thanks.
-In case you haven't already seen it, Kit Parker Films will be releasing the 4th DVD in their Charley Chase At Hal Roach series later in the year. See here for Amazon link. Titles include: The Big Squawk, Leaping Love, Snappy Sneezer, Crazy Feet, Stepping Out and Great Gobs.
-In October 2022 I will be merging my Alfred Hitchcock website with this website. I figured as this site falls under the name of "lordheath.com" - the name doesn't actually reflect anything in particular other than my real name and therefore could mean anything. I will be transferring all my Hitch TV episodes reviews to here and viewers will be able to navigate this one site by choosing which section they wish to navigate. Sounds confusing, doesn't it?! I just don't need two sites with two sets of costs each month.
-Wishing ROB STONE a very happy birthday today. Can't remember his age but I know he's old. Really old.
-Added Irene Dale, Dorothy Hagen and Harold Austin to the site.
-Bio update for Toby Doolan [Jesse Brisson].
-New film credits found for Ernest Morrison Sr. (26) and Frederick Peters (2). [Steve Massa]
-Added Rhea Durand to the site.
-Two non-Roach credits removed for Kathleen Myers.
-I have been forwarded a new Roach film I didn't have, so I didn't waste any time in reviewing it. It's the Eddie Boland/Vanity Fair Girls 1-reeler: Alias Aladdin (1920). Beautiful copy of a Pathéscope re-issue print to work from made a difference to my viewing pleasure (plus it was easier to see nipples!!) Thanks to John Benson for bringing this rarity to my attention and chalking off another missing film from my collection.
-Added this still for Somewhere in Turkey.
-Another 2 non-Roach film credits found for Don Maines [thanks Jesse Brisson and Tommie Hicks]
-New film credit for Molly Thompson (50) who now earns a
-Viewed and reviewed Eddie Boland's Good Morning Judge (1922), which was released 100 years ago this week.
-Added Frank J. Coleman to the site.
-A rather humorous, but much needed donation from Steve Wright. Many thanks.
-Updated the page for Jerry Tucker, fixed the broken links and added all the missing links to his films, as well as adding this image, courtesy Bob Peterson.
-Bio and page updates for Babe Lloyd, Grace Teed, John Rodarte and Clyde Briscoe. [thanks Jesse & Jim]
-4 lobby cards and a page overhaul for the Semon/Hardy film The Fall Guy (1921).
-New film discovered for Bob O'Conor (82).
-Added Charles Gannon to the site.
-Page and bio updates for Dorothy Dee, Ray Ransburg and Cosme Bashay. [thanks Jesse]
-New information added for Cecilia Murray. [thanks Bob Peterson]

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