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as well as the individual films featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and the Our Gang short films made for MGM.

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JAN 25:
-New credits found for Betty Danko and Chet Brandenburg - both in Laurel & Hardy's The Dancing Masters. But as this was not a Roach film it does not affect their total Roach credits; but still interesting discoveries none the less. [observations by Jesse].
-Added 2 new actors to the site from Laurel & Hardy's Jitterbugs: They are Gordon Carveth and Mike Lally. [thanks Jesse]
JAN 23:
-Thanks to Brian Barr for yet another monthly donation. It all helps, thank you. I'm not working on the site at the moment due to being ill but always want to acknowledge donations on the site.
JAN 19:
-New film credits found for William Gillespie (189), Bob O'Conor (80) and Owen Evans (10) - which promotes him into the Top 273. [thanks Jesse Brisson].
-Added this still from Along Came Auntie. [thanks Bob Duncan]
-Added this still from Sprucin' Up. [thanks Steve Wright]
JAN 17:
-Added William Frawley to the site. [thanks Steve Wright]
JAN 13:
-Additional bio notes added for Lyle Tayo and Harry Bowen. [thanks Jesse]
JAN 11:
-Updated the page for Dwayne Hickman to reflect his recent death. [thanks Jim]
JAN 10:
-Added Kathleen Lockhart to the site as I continue my struggle to get through reviewing Mister Cinderella.
JAN 9:
-Found a new film for Harry Myers (4). It shouldn't take a genius to work out which film I am currently trying to get through here!
JAN 8:
-Found a new film for Fay Holderness (19).
JAN 7:
-And the donations epidemic for 2022 continues with yet another huge contribution from Cody in Iowa (my favourite State!) Blimey, at this rate I'll be buying a ticket for the next passenger shuttle to the Moon! Again, seriously - thank you so much. You don't know how much these have helped me out. Oh, and also.... I HAVE been working on the site as well!!
JAN 6:
-And ANOTHER donation for 2022! What the bloody hell is going on with all the donations at the moment? Thanks Arn Koppens. At this rate I might be climbing Everest this year!! But seriously, thanks to all of you who have sent 'em in.
-Added Rex Moore, Bert Roach, Monroe Owsley and Antonio Filauri to the site.
-New film credits found for Charlotte Wynters (2) and Toby Wing (2).
JAN 3:
-Thanks to Chris Bungo for his very large and unexpected donation. I am working on the site each day and making slow progress and do hope by the end of 2022 to have it in much better condition.
-Bio update (with correct birthdate) for Bob Stebbins, thanks to Jim Jarvis.
JAN 1:
-Viewed and reviewed Snub Pollard's At The Ringside (1921). Woo. I'm ecstatic.
-First donation of 2022 is from George Dey. Many thanks.

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