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as well as the individual films featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and the Our Gang short films made for MGM.

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-Despite trying to keep on top of everything and working several hours each day on updates and improvements for the site, I am just starting to fall behind a little bit because I have been inundated with e-mails. I am prioritising these on a must-do, and need-to-do basis. I also have a film review to finish that I started yesterday. I will catch up. But every film and actor on the "On This Day" section each day is number 1 priority and will always get done first.
-Chris Bungo has posted Part 4 (of 5) of his Then & Now video for Our Gang's Your Own Back Yard on his YouTube channel.
-Robert Winslow has submitted a plot summary and observations for the Our Gang film, Noisy Noises (1929).
-Added the 7 remaining actors from Of Mice And Men (1940) to the site: Henny Backus, John Beach, Whitney De Rahm, Jack Lawrence, Barbara Pepper, Carl Pitti and Charles Watt.
-First Roach film credit added for Howard M. Mitchell (1).
-Added Dorothy Dix to the site.
-Added the 2 missing screenshots (Dollar Dizzy, Slightly Static) on the page for Lorena Carr, as well as a bio write-up. [Jesse]
-Imaged added for Ann Lewis.
-Added Charles Bickford and Granville Bates to the site.
-New film credit found for Floyd Baker (2).
-Added 11 lobby cards and a foreign poster for Of Mice And Men.
-Updated the screenshots for the title card and credits roll for Okay Toots!, as well as reverting the page back to the correct format.
-Added a few more DVD releases for Hustling For Health - with a few still to add (I'll do this at a later date).
-Big thanks to Steve Wright for another very kind and very helpful donation.
-It's official! The amount of work, improvements, additions and updates I done in January 2023 were the most I've ever done in any calendar month on this site in 12 years.
-New film credit (and image) found for Robert Bolder (2). [Jesse]
-Image now added for Perry Murdock.

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