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Welcome to ANOTHER NICE MESS. This website aims to cover review of films made by the Hal Roach Studios between 1914-1948;
as well as the individual films featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and the post-Roach Our Gang short films.

This is not a fan-made, kiss-ass website.
Reviews and opinions herein are my own and occasionally contain very negative remarks which some people may find offensive.

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-New films credit found for Bob Gray (5), Pauline High (4). [Jesse]
-Another entry added to my Best Picture Winners page.
-Added Davison Clark and Shep Houghton to the site.
-New film credits added for Lester Dorr (14), Eddy Chandler (3), Claire Du Brey (3), Sam Flint (3), Jack Perry (3), Pat Gleason (2), Kenneth Harlan (2), Russell Wade (2), Ruth Warren (2), Billy Wayne (2), Max Hoffman Jr (2).
-Bio update plus death certificate added for Heinie Conklin [Jarvis]
-Received a very kind and generous first-time donation today from Lisa Cross. Unfortunately I do not have a contact address for you to be able to respond as I would have liked so it is my hope you may see and read this message: Thank you Lisa for your kindness and support. I never take donations for granted and whether it's £1, £10 or even £100, please know that everything always helps me and my family out more than people understand. My most sincere thanks.
-Added image for Bobbie Koshay. [Jarvis]
-Updated bio and new screenshot for Donald King. [Jarvis]
-Bio re-write and 2 new film credits discovered for Charles Millsfield (10). [Jesse]
-New film credit added for Olin Francis (5). [Jesse]
-New film credits discovered for Al Forbes (19), Budd Ross (4). [Jesse]
-Image and bio extension added for Roy Everhart. [Jarvis]
-Added a bio extension as well as an image for Harold Adkins. [Jesse]
-Added the death certificate for Sunshine Hart. [Jarvis]
-Added Slim Holmes, Olaf Shuler, Jay Higgins, Jimmie Richardson, W.H. Ely, E.G. Miller, Jack Singleton and Don Saunders to the site [all have vanilla pages with no dates].
-New film credits added for Ray L. Hommes (2), Jack Russell (2).
-Added Louis Goldstone, Joe Campbell, William Scidmore, Olive Ellingwood, Clo King, Jessie Heathman, Jessalyn Van Trump to the site.
-New films added for Adele Kaufman (3), Al Kaukins (3), Jules Hanft (2), Jack McGinnis (2).
-Several new films found for Otto Malde (6). [Jesse]
-Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's Dollar Dizzy (1930).
-New film credits added for Charles Lloyd (86), Hope Harper (37) and Ellinor Vanderveer (35).
-Added Dick Granger to the site. I think I know what he looks like but I need to do some more research before positively ID'ing him....
-Have added some more opinions on my side project to review all 96 films to have ever won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
-New film credits added for James Parrott (145), Sam Lufkin (106), Eddie Baker (85), Clarence Morehouse (22), Owen Evans (13).
-Added screenshots for 14 more cast members in Our Gang's Dogs Of War!
-Another teamwork effort here: having now found and been able to review the final 1 minute of Paul Parrott's The Smile Wins (1923), I have now completed the plot summary and found Sammy Brooks and added his screenshot. My thanks to Dave Glass, Martian Arias and Jesse Brisson for their collective help on this one.
-Viewed and reviewed Snub Pollard's absolute pile of utter nonsense The High Rollers (1921).
-New film credits added for Chet Brandenburg (103), Evelyn Burns (38), Helen Dale (5). [Jesse]
-The STILL TO DO list.
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Acknowledgement is herby given to all those whose work came before me in making their findings available.
Specifically Rob Stone, Randy Skretvedt, Richard W. Bann, Robert Demoss.
Other useful and significant works by Brian Anthony, Leonard Maltin, Norbert Aping and many others are also credited herein.
Special thanks to Gene Sorkin and Max Lanzisera for their essential help in getting this website off the ground.
When works previously published are used to compile the data on this site I have given credit where known.
I do not credit the website IMDb as a source as they have stolen and published my work without any credit or care.

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