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Welcome to ANOTHER NICE MESS. This website aims to cover review of films made by the Hal Roach Studios between 1914-1948;
as well as the individual films featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and the post-Roach Our Gang short films.

This is not a fan-made, kiss-ass website.
Reviews and opinions herein are my own and occasionally contain very negative remarks which some people may find offensive.

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-Added May McCabe to the site. [Jesse]
-Thanks to George Richman for his kind donation and accompanying message regarding Pack Up Your Troubles. Sorry George, I do not have a contact address for you to send a personal reply but if you are reading this then please know I am not only grateful for your donation but also that I agreed totally with your comments too!
-Image, autograph and film ID added for Charles O'Malley.
-1 film credit removed for Addie McPhail (1).
-Added the credits roll for Mabel Normand's The Nickel-Hopper after an error was spotted in the listing.
-More credits (and screenshot) added for Tom Coleman (7). [Jesse]
-In going through the several items on my "to do" list, I have now added the remaining missing actors from The Devil With Hitler (1942) ~ ~ Rudolph Anders, Arno Frey, Henry Guttman, Hans Schumm, Wolfgang_Zilzer.
-New film credits for Tom Coleman (3), William Ruhl (2), Hans Von Morhart (2).
-Added this still for Love My Dog.
-New film credits for Betty Danko (34), Ernie Alexander (30), Gordon Douglas (27), John J(ack) Richardson (11), Mary Emery (9), Almeda Fowler (6), Ruth Adams (5), John Power (5), Helen Dale (4), Gus Kerner (3), Floyd Shackelford (3). [all Jesse]
-Revised some pages with the newly-aligned signatures section with new added screenshots for ZaSu Pitts and Thelma Todd.
-Viewed and reviewed the Pitss/Todd film Maids A La Mode (1933). One of the most boring and underwhelming films I have ever had to endure from the Hal Roach Studios. Several new cast members added and identified by Jesse.
-New film credits added for Hope Harper (33), Bob Minford (33), Frank Holliday (10), Broderick O'Farrell (9) and Howard Truesdale (8). [Jesse]
-New film credits added for Jack Hill (118) and Bill Brokaw (7). [Jesse]
-Bio update for Emmylou Wallace thanks to research from Jarvis. Reader discretion is advised!
-Actor Harry Earles is now completely removed from the site as it is now believed his credits actually belong to Gustav Schaffrath.
-2 credits removed from Marvin Hatley (17).
-Correction for actor B.F. Blinn's name, who was previously listed on the site as B.F. FLINN (my error).
-Several credits shifted from Lincoln Stedman over to Roy Brooks. Brooks now has a total of 42 Roach credits whilst Stedman drops down to just 1 (from 11) and as such is now removed from the Top 300 club. [Jesse]
-New books available from Irv Hyatt in his Movie Publicity Showcase series. See above (click images for Amazon links) or visit his page on the site for more details.

-The STILL TO DO list.
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Specifically Rob Stone, Randy Skretvedt, Richard W. Bann, Robert Demoss.
Other useful and significant works by Brian Anthony, Leonard Maltin, Norbert Aping and many others are also credited herein.
Special thanks to Gene Sorkin and Max Lanzisera for their essential help in getting this website off the ground.
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