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as well as the individual films featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and the Our Gang short films made for MGM.

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OCT 19:
-New film credit for James Darcie Lloyd (3).
-Started installing the missing film pages from 1918.
-4 new actors added: Harold Moore, Lottie Novello, Harry Frick and Robert VanMeter.
OCT 18:
-All 94 film pages from 1915-1917 are now complete and up on the site, each with their own correctly formatted page and complete cast lists, each with correct links. Every actor from every film from this period is now done. Lots of hours working on the site in the past week or so to get this published. You should be able to move through 1915-1917 with the blue arrows for BOTH the individual series and the chronological order sections. This is a big undertaking but it really needs to get done, so whilst I am motivated...
-9 more actors added: Susan Miller, Marie Gilbert, Vivian Marshall, C. Brandstetner, Florence Gibson, Lorrie Shankland, Louis Shankland, Charles Lakin and Ray Kellerman.
-All 67 of the Lonesome Luke films are now listed on the site with their own individual pages. As I am nearing the end of adding the missing 1917 films I am also touching up the pages as I go, which includes adding in missing cast members for some of the Harold Lloyd films (notably Over The Fence.) Small changes and updates but all necessary. Time consuming but worth it.
OCT 17:
-10 more actors added: Grace McLernon, Ruth Rowan, Rudolph Bylek, Walter Stile, John Gardner, Ray Braxton, Ruth Churchill, D.P. Lea, Ray Everhart and somebody with the highly original name of Mrs. Harrison.
OCT 16:
-Added better screenshots and included intertitle cards for Skinny Gets A Goat (1917).
-New film credits for Billy Fay (76) and Fred C. Newmeyer (84).
-13 new actors added: Mabel Gibson, Alta Davis, Lena Morris, Virginia Baynes, Loretta Morelaw, Art Bass, Pearl Novci, Arthur Mumas, Margaret Strong, W.B. Turner, Harry Swisher, George Murphy and Babe Lloyd.
OCT 15:
-If ever there was the need for proof that I have been completely committed to my website in the past week then the fact I have added 80 new actors to the site as well as every missing film between 1915-1916. Hours of work and coding in order to turn "Another Nice Mess" into "Another Nice NON-Mess"!
-12 new actors added: Earl Dancer, F. Bartell, Dave Higgins, Walter Howell, Nita Davis, Chink Snowden, Earl Dower, Dink Johnson, James Williams, P.L. Howard, Emma Carrington and S.B. Smith.
OCT 14:
-23 new actors added: Gladys Kinney, Golda Madden, Frank D'Arcy, Thomas Cassidy, Larry Adams, Beauluh Peyton, Ana McDermott, Clara Morris, Florence Burns, Lucille Smith, H.Y. Goldberg, Ben Goldberg, J.P. Pearce, A. Perluss, Pearl Sharkey, Iraee Claire, Billy Clarke, Maxine Whitford, Albert Stein, Ralph McComas, Wilma Morris, Myrtle Webb and Ed Nettle.
-New film credit (first Roach) for Vera Reynolds (1).
-New film credit for Merta Sterling (3). She is listed as "Myrtle" Sterling in the Lonesome Luke film and it is an educated guess that this is the same actress.
-New film credit for Harry Rattenbury (5).
-New film credit for Charles King (6).
OCT 13:
-5 new actors added: Virgil Owens, Harry Russell, Jack Perrin, C.G. King and Herman Graut.
OCT 12:
-17 new actors added: Estella Short, Ray Thompson, Leon Leonhardt, Vesta Marlowe, Marjory Prevost, Villatta Singley, William N. Brown, Madeline Vintin, Frank Lake, Norman Napier (I think this is Norman DePure), Lillian Avery, Minne Eckert, Gusta Berg, Beth Darwin, Annette Hatten, Lola Walker and Frances Scott.
-Finished adding all of the films from 1916. Every film from 1915-1916 now has a page and each is correctly formatted and each film from this period can be navigated with the blue arrows on each page. So now it's on to 1917...
OCT 11:
-Many more Lonesome Luke films added to the site as I continue to update the site with the films from 1916. Added 21 actors added to the site from these films, including:
A.H. Frahlich, C.A. Self, L.A. Gregor, Ray Wyatt, C. Spikeman, F. Ward, H. Minnshaw, L. McCormack, H. Granger, Lionel Comport, Haika Carle, Capitola Holmes, Gene Hershaw, H. Saunders, J. Stevenson, J. Jenks, C.H. Butter, Thelma Daniels, Beatrice Preskett, Esther Bennett, Aleen Ware and Robert Wooley.
-New film credit for Gilbert Pratt (13).
-New film credit for Hal Roach (3).
OCT 10:
-I have today spent several hours adding missing titles to the site (mainly Lonesome Luke films) whilst working on a brand new menu page. I am feeling enthusiastic and focused (for once!)
-Found a new film for top American actor Sammy Brooks which now gives him a total of 262 films. All this coding takes a lot of concentration and work so I have rewarded myself by stuffing my face with endless amounts of cherry bakewell tarts!
OCT 9:
-Added George Duncan to the site, plus added his menu page for his one film. I have now completed everything from 1915. Every film from that year now has a page and every series is now listed. Boring stuff but by working my way from the beginning I will be able to focus on repairing all the pages and add everything that is missing. You should now be able to navigate through the site from film to film in chronological order throughout 1915 starting with Willie Runs The Park by clicking on the blue arrows next to the SERIES MENU BUTTON. Going to start on 1916 now and link everything up. A lot of work but let's do it.
OCT 8:
-Added George Whiting to the site. He made five films for Hal Roach in 1915 but none of them were released as far as I know. I don't have any information or image on him other than the fact his daughter was also an actress. I have added a separate menu page for his films, for what it's worth.
-New film credit for Jay Eaton (3).
OCT 7:
-I have started adding missing titles to the site to give them their own pages (long overdue), so it's best to start at the beginning and work my way through. This website isn't called Another Nice Mess for nothing! Added the first Lonesome Luke film Spitball Sadie (1915) and all the missing titles from 1915.
-New film credit for Clyde Cook (11).
OCT 6:
-Viewed and reviewed the Charley Chase film Vamp Till Ready (1936). Added all 8 lobby cards (low resolution) plus much more. Having watched the film carefully I could not find Ham Kinsey or Harry Bowen who are allegedly in it so I have now listed their credits as unconfirmed on their filmographies.
-Added Vesey O'Davoren to the site.
-New film credits for Jack Hill (104), Baldwin Cooke (85), Charley Lloyd (61), Earl Mohan (60), Ed Brandenburg (36), Martin Wolfkeil (25), Al Ochs (7) and Curtis McHenry (2). Naturally the Top 271 chart has suddenly gone batshit crazy as a result of all these!
-Added death certificate for Joe Bordeaux.
OCT 4:
-Viewed and reviewed the Will Rogers film Don't Park There! (1924). Added 7 lobby cards, 30 stills and more. I was able to make a new copy of the film using the LTL DVD print and a 9.5mm print, cutting together all the footage to make a complete version of the film. It was challenging but rewarding. Big thanks to Jesse on this one and for Jorge Finkielman for cleaning some of the stills.
OCT 1:
-Added a new page to showcase a large selection of photographs, stills and articles for Dick Gilbert. These have been sitting on my hard drive now for 5 years and were sent to me from Dick's daughter back in 2016 just two months before she died. I promised her I would one day publish them to honor him. Today is that day.

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