Life Hesitates At 40  

Directors: Charley Chase, Harold Law Producer: Hal Roach ♦ 
Cinematography: Francis Corby ♦ Editor: William H. Ziegler ♦
Sound recording engineer: Warren B. Delaplain

Released: 18 January 1936
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / 2-reels (sound short)

•Filmed October 26-November 4, 1935.
•The IMDb give a release date of 18 November 1935 - which is wrong.
Did you notice?
  Charley Chase
Charley Chase
  Joyce Compton
  James Finlayson
Dr. James Finlayson
  Brooks Benedict
  Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer
Boy at soda fountain
  Harry Bernard
Soda fountain man
  Edward Earle
Ananais club member
Andrea Leeds
Dr. Finlayson's nurse
  Gus Leonard
Father of twins
  Lee Phelps
Second doctor
  Jack Raymond
Taxi driver

Acknowledgements: (
'Smile When The Raindrops Fall' by Brian Anthony & Andy Edmonds (book)
'The Charley Chase Talkies 1929-1940' by James L. Neibaur (book)