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I am now working every day to improve this website and its appearance. Each day I will be updating and restructuring every page on this website (currently 3,821 pages) by changing the look, modifying the text, updating the code, improving navigation, getting rid of redundant pages, adding new features to film pages, making every single image on the site clickable so you can view it in full screen, tidying up messy pages and basically RE-DOING the site. My aim is to have it all done by May in time for this website's 10th anniversary. You will not see any of these changes until then because they will be kept off line and then when it is all done I shall be removing everything and then uploading all the pages in their new formats with a page to explain the new stuff. Some of the current stuff will go. Some new stuff will be added. The reason I am doing this is because the way everything is currently means a lot of hard work for myself in going forward. This will make things easier for me. I won't be deleting the current pages; they will be stored on my hard drive and I may offer viewers the choice between which version they would like to navigate (in other words have both versions available). We shall see how I feel.... You can check my progress here on the bar above which I shall update every time I get a page done. Thanks for your patience, but unfortunately sometimes I have to go backwards in order to go forwards.

~DLH, January 2021.


JAN 19: Viewed and reviewed The Boy Friends' film Air-Tight (1931), which chucked up another new film credit for Jack Hill, which moves him on to 98 Roach films now. The page you currently see on the site will be left "as is" and not corrected at all. You should be able to access the actors' screenshots from the film on their individual pages, but for now - until May 2021 you will not be able to view the "new" page (because I am going to publish them all on-line at the same time and then ditch the current format). Updated the Actors A-Z page with the new font and background I am aiming for. Looks much cleaner, much tidier. Progress is slow but steady at the moment, but I am working on the site every day. There will be a countdown timer added here for the big unveiling on May 1.
JAN 14: Massively improved pages for Laurel & Hardy's "Air Raid Wardens" and "A-Haunting We Will Go" with tons of new images (posters, lobby cards etc.) added. Unfortunately these changes can only be viewed on the updated versions of the pages. But I am working several hours every day on this upgrade project. It's looking brilliant at the moment, plus all the links have been corrected and are now all working. I am adding this stuff as I go through the site updating the pages for each film. Only 103 days to wait until all is revealed. Yeah right, "only"...... stick with me guys.
JAN 12: Thank you, Eric for your kind donation today.
JAN 05: Progress a little slower today now I am realising the scope of work needed to get the website the way I want it. I will perservere but in order for me to make quicker progress I may have to temporarily abandon the idea of clicking images on the site to show them in full screen. The coding needed to accomplish this is simple but very time consuming. So, I shall press ahead with the new coding in the best way I can for now. I am also working through the actors' individual pages and correcting the broken links as well. It's all going on here!!
JAN 04: Good progress being made with the updated website. All shall be revealed at the end of April (hopefully!) A quick acknowledgement for ROBERT PETERSON, JON KENNEDY, CRAIG CALMAN, BOB YOUHOUSE and everybody else who has recently (October - December 2020) sent me e-mails regarding new material, updates, identifications etc... I haven't forgotten you.
JAN 03: Just a subtle little change to Films A-Z page with the two titles with numbers at the beginning of their titles reassigned to the beginning of the list. Oh, you'll see what I mean!
And still they come... Johannes Brügger becomes the 84th person to donate to the site with an incredibly generous donation today. Yes I know, I should stop going on about donations, but I like to acknowledge every one, no matter how big or small as a token of my sincere appreciation. Anyway.... I have been working on a completely new page design for the FILMS (not the actors) and I am really loving the simplistic view and much easier to code pages. When I am enjoying what I am doing my work goes faster and the site becomes more productive.
JAN 02: First donation of 2021 comes from Irv Hyatt. Many thanks.
DEC 31: Extremely generous donation today from George Dey. Thank you very much.
DEC 23: Two very kind donations today. Thank you Brian and Dave.
DEC 18: Viewed and reviewed a pretty decent Streamliner called The Fabulous Joe (1947). Really enjoyed this one. Ten actors from the film now added to the site: Margot Grahame, Sheldon Leonard, Howard Petrie, Nana Bryant, John Miles, Donald MacBride, John Eldredge, Al Bridge, Tommy Noonan and Charlotte Wynters.
DEC 17: Two massively appreciated donations received from Jim and Steve.
DEC 13: Added Lorna Gray to the site.
DEC 12: Added a very brief review for a newly-discovered Babe Hardy solo film, Life Savers (1916).
DEC 09: First donation for the month comes from first-time donor Peter Gadiel. Many thanks.
DEC 08: Making a start at going through a big backlog of stuff I need to put up on the site. Added two brothers to the site: Edward McWade and Robert McWade. Updated the page for Doodles Weaver with 2 new film credits. Thanks to Craig. Found and added Clara Guiol and Jack O'Brien to Sugar Daddies. This means both actors climb the ladder of most appearances.
DEC 03: Just an update: I have tons of e-mails from quite a few people who have offered ID's, trivia, new actors to add, information, film review requests and photos to examine. The list extends back about 2 months. I haven't forgotten, but my excuse for not doing them is simply because I have more important priorities in my life at the moment. Rest assured, I will get around to doing all of these when I find time and I do appreciate all the offers of help and assistance.
NOV 25: Thanks to Brian Barr and Steve Wright for their kind donations. Don't feel like I particularly deserve them based on the little amount of work I have done here lately (I am just exhausted), but it all really helps more than people realise and I am extremely grateful for every £. Thank you.
NOV 22: Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's MGM short Waldo's Last Stand (1940) after Robert Peterson wrote to me with the identities of the eight tap dancers. As for the film? Utter crap.
NOV 21: New film credit for Villie Latimer after Patrick Vasey identified her in Sugar Daddies. Steve Wright identifies another film for Lyle Tayo in Railroadin'. Drina Mohacsi identifies Terence McMillan and his brother Kenneth McMillan in The Sting Of Stings (with thanks to Matthew Lydick for passing this information on to me).
NOV 19: Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's Columbia short film Rattling Romeo (1939). Added Cy Schindell to the site.
NOV 17: Viewed and reviewed the 5 minutes of footage I have from Snub Pollard's Blow 'Em Up (1922). New film credit for Noah Young.
NOV 12: Added Harold Miller to the site and updated some pages with corrections (broken links and spelling errors). Thanks to CC. Thanks also to Jim Reid for his very kind donation.
NOV 11: Added 2 high resolution stills for Ada Lynn which I have put on her page, courtesy Robert Peterson. Some new information (film credits etc.) added for some actors, courtesy Craig Calman: Wilfred Lucas, Alexander Pollard and Lee Phelps. Added H.B. Warner to the site.

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