PLEASE BE AWARE: Due to a programming error (my fault) many of the links on this website currently do not work. This is being fixed on a daily basis, but with over 3,500 pages to manually correct this will take time.
The good news is that whilst I am repairing all the (asp? index) links I have made sure that the ACTORS A-Z and the FILMS A-Z pages are working with all the links up to date. The links which need repairing are those shown on individual actors pages (where their filmographies are) and on the individual film pages where the cast links are. MOST are fine, but many need updating. I am working several hours every day to fix all of these issues.


OCT 21: After consultation with Richard Bann, some omissions have been applied to the site: Ena Gregory is not in Double Whoopee. Hal Roach is not in Ruses, Rhymes And Roughnecks. Pat West's credit has been removed from Roamin' Vandals as he was misidentified. It is in fact Dick Gilbert (whose credit and screenshot has also been added). Also in the film is Jack Hill (whose credit - and screenshot has been added). Charles Sellon identified from the lobby card for The Cow's Kimono. All pages have been amended accordingly. I have some more stuff to add, from Craig which I shall attend to very shortly. Again, I want to thank all of those who submit material and information to this site for my consideration and inclusion.
OCT 15: New film discoveries for Dorothy Granger, Baldwin Cooke, Silas Wilcox, Charlie Hall, Charles Dorety, Evelyn Burns, Lyle Tayo, Charley Lloyd, Clara Guiol, Ham Kinsey, William J. O'Brien, Alfonso Pedroza, Ellinor Vanderveer and Jack Hill. This has caused a bit of a shake-up in The Top 263 list. Thanks to Craig and Jesse for the additional information and observations. Also one big correction: the girl thought to have been Virginia Peck in Our Gang's The Big Show! is actually Vonda Phelps. Therefore Virginia's page has now been removed and Vonda's added. Thanks to Drina and Matthew for this information.
OCT 14: What is happening here? ANOTHER film review? Yep! This time it's Una Cana Al Aire (1930) - the Spanish-language version of Charley Chase's recently-reviewed Looser Than Loose. Donations from Dave Pickard and Steve Wright - thanks ever so much for the continued support, guys.
OCT 13: Well you wait two months and then two new film reviews come at once! This time it's a newly-discovered missing (well, previously missing) Charley Chase 1-reel short from 1925 called Plain And Fancy Girls. Very good. And a new discovery for Charlie Hall too! Added Dorothy Dandridge and Peggy Lynch to the site.
OCT 12: First new film review for nearly two months. Charley Chase in Looser Than Loose (1930).
OCT 11: New film credit found for Clara Guiol: Ian Tiso discovered her in Glenn Tryon's 45 Minutes From Hollywood.
OCT 10: I have spent the last two weeks adding in all of the missing Charley Chase foreign-language films to the site. New pages include: El Jugador de Golf, Le Joueur de Golf, Locuras de Amor, Timide Malgré Lui, El Principe del Dolar, Les Chercheuses d'or, Garde la Bombe, El Alma de la Fiesta and Monerías.
New actors added to the database include: César Vanoni, Juan Ortiz, Emanuel Martínez, Albert Pollet, Leo Klary, Arturo Turich, Lillian Savin, Raoul Paoli, Jean Perry, Rita Rey, Pauline Garon, André Cheron, Angelita Benítez and Julio Abadía.
Updated the pages with previously missing credits for: Georgette Rhodes, Enrique Acosta (who now enters the Top 263 list with 10 film credits), Linda Loredo (who also now enters the Top 263 list with 10 film credits), Jean DeBriac, Bobby Dunn, Rolfe Sedan, Carmen Guerrero, Alfonso Pedroza, Dorothy Granger, Manuel Granada, Luis Llaneza and María Calvo.
Special and sincere thanks to Craig Calman for his time, dedication and enthusiasm in making the necessary lists for me to add. He spent as much time on this project as I did in coding it all and incorporating it all on to the site.

OCT 06: Added Gus Kerner to the site.
OCT 04: First donation for October comes from Dean Anderson. Very appreciative, thanks.
OCT 03: Added Betty Francisco, Mildred Costello, William Guiler, Eunice Hamilton, Ruby McCoy, Amo Ingraham, Ann Lewis, Kalla Pasha, Harry Arras, Betty Reed and Jean Baker to the site. Added the missing pages for the Charley Chase/Roach films: Love's Detour (1924), Why Husbands Go Mad (1924), The Family Entrance (1925), Plain And Fancy Girls (1925), Hard Boiled (1925), Assistant Wives (1927), Aching Youth (1928), Chasing Husbands (1928), Loud Soup (1929), Thin Twins (1929), Great Gobs (1929).
Updated the pages for Leo White, Lyle Tayo, Harry Bernard, Florence Lee, Lassie Lou Ahern, Michael Mark and Virginia Pearson with previously missing credits.

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