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The good news is that whilst I am repairing all the (asp? index) links I have made sure that the ACTORS A-Z and the FILMS A-Z pages are working with all the links up to date. The links which need repairing are those shown on individual actors pages (where their filmographies are) and on the individual film pages where the cast links are. MOST are fine, but many need updating. I am working several hours every day to fix all of these issues.



AUG 02: Updated the bio for Shirley Coates after she passed away last week. I have also caught up with filling in the missing few dates for July.
JUL 26: Re-watched Laurel and Hardy's The Live Ghost, and found Mary & Margaret Sage! Also how did I miss Ham Kinsey in the opening shot?! Added one-sheet poster, Spanish lobby cards, stills and tightened up the summary.
JUL 25: Received some e-mails from the granddaughter of Mary Sage who has provided me with some interesting insight into Mary's life. As a result of this I have now separated Mary from her twin sister Margo Sage and given them their own separate pages on the site (now that I know which was which from the photos I had which previously didn't confirm this information for sure).
JUL 23: Threw together a handful of cast screenshots from the Stan Laurel film, Brothers Under The Chin (1923). R.I.P. to Our Gang child actress Annie Ross who died a couple of days ago. Thanks to Tony Bensley for passing on the information.
JUL 22: Got the new Laurel Or Hardy 4-disc DVD set, thanks to Rob Stone. I have made a collage of all the title cards from the discs. DVD1, DVD2, DVD3, DVD4. I will update the relevant pages with "Best DVD version" and post some more stuff soon.
JUL 19: Working every day on my Hitchcock website with new episode reviews, hence my absence from here. Added three lobby cards for Madame Sans Jane (1925).
JUL 13: Another kind donation from Steve Wright to add to the one from earlier in the month. This is my mountain-climbing month so trust me, these extra funds help massively. As for this site, I am taking a break from it to concentrate on developing my Hitchcock site but I will put up any corrections here that need doing immediately.
JUL 11: Some important updates added to the site courtesy of Steve Rydzewski: JACK LLOYD as the athletic woman in dress in "Battle of the Century". FANNY KELLY as the maid in Chase's 'One of the Family'. PATSY O'BYRNE as woman in big hat in Laurel's 'The Soilers'. OWEN EVANS as the beggar in Pollard's 'Full O' Pep'. JACK RICHARDSON as the sneaky actor in Laura LaPlante's 'Start the Show.' NOT Spencer Bell in Laurel's 'The Whole Truth'. NOT Joseph Belmont in Pollard's 'Mystery Man.' I have a big backlog of other stuff that needs to go up as well but I am much too occupied with my Hitchcock project right now. I am taking a time out from this site for a while.
JUL 07: Another very kind donation from Steve Wright for the "Anita Garvin fund". Re-watched and updated the Charley Chase film, One Of The Smiths (1931), adding in new screenshots and improving upon the older ones. Also added a "favourite bit", the MGM credit on the credit roll and 17 new cast members. Big help from Jesse The Genius on this one.
JUL 06: Pete Gordon enters the Top 262 after Jesse finds two new film credits for him. Jesse has also found several new cast for Charley Chase's One Of The Smiths as well. As a result of this I shall need to add that film to each of those actors' credits, which will ultimately bump them up the ladder. I shall do this tomorrow because I am absolutely knackered right now (been a long day!) Unfortunately for Gordon Douglas he loses one credit after Jesse disputes his appearance in the Pitts/Todd film Catch-As-Catch-Can. Page adjustment for Sammy Brooks with a revised films listing (2 added, 2 removed). By the way, who is "Jesse" I hear you ask? Well he's just about the most brilliant thing to ever offer his dedication and services for this website, that's who.
Brent Seguine has found Carl M. Leviness in Laurel & Hardy's County Hospital, so that bumps him up the ladder as well.
Jim Jarvis sends important information to update a few things for Margaret Mann which I have now updated too.
Added Irma Harrison and Renee Whitney to the site. For the past ten days I have been working hard on my Hitchcock website (you can switch between the two sites by clicking the Hitchcock icon at the top of this screen). I desperately want to get that site up off the ground and focus more attention on it. Lots of new episode reviews done and I enjoyed doing every one of them - even the one with SNUB POLLARD in it! As a result of all the updates needed here today I wasn't able to do any work with Hitch today. Damn.
JUL 03: Another very kind donation sent in today from Jim Reid for £25. I don't know if everybody is trying to outdo one another with these, but I am not complaining! But seriously guys, it helps so much and I am very grateful for your help.
JUL 02: TWO very kind (and one strange) donations received today: from Jim Jarvis for the honor of American Independence Day, a contribution to the King GEORGE III R & R Fund (Rehabilitation & Restoration). WHAT THE F*CK??? And also, from my Austrian pal Tom Schober. Massive thanks to you both. That's my groceries for the week! Whilst we're thanking people, I would like to thank both Randy Skretvedt and Richard Bann for their very generous help in sending me the new L&H Restorations Blu-Ray. I still don't believe I deserve it and told them so. It's nice to know that doing this website does have its occasional perks.
JUL 01: Viewed and reviewed Snub Pollard's Live And Learn (1920). The usual run of the mill Snub stuff!
JUN 27: Big donation from Dave Pickard, many thanks - really needed that!
JUN 26: Added Dorothy Morgan to the site whilst adding all the names to the cast for Harold Lloyd's Among Those Present (1921). Many of the cast have links but no pages. Will add those later. Probably in the year 2500. Thanks Jim! I REALLY appreciated that! Note sarcasm LOL.
JUN 24: Added Jackie Morgan and Jackie Edwards to the site - and noticed that the thieving bastards at the "hey look at me I'm the IMDb and we are so great because we steal other people's work and we have our website logo on a t-shirt" have stolen lots more of my images. Wankers. Viewed and reviewed Snub Pollard's Courtship Of Miles Sandwich (1923). Thanks to Steve Wright for his 7th donation of the year!
JUN 23: Added Barney Oldfield, Willis Marks, Elsie Mesnico, Ruth Morris and E. Brennecke to the site. Thanks to Brian Barr for his 29th consecutive monthly donation. It all adds up and it all helps. Thanks for supporting my work and the site.
JUN 22: Viewed and reviewed Harold Lloyd's Off The Trolley (1919). I genuinely dislike Lloyd's films!
JUN 20: Added Charles Sellon to the site. Steve Wright has found Lyle Tayo in You're Darn Tootin' so that bumps her up to 78 Roach films and places her in the top 30 actors with most credits. Page updates also for Joe Ploski and Lyle Latell courtesy of Jim Jarvis. Thanks for sending these in guys.
JUN 19: Added Johnny Kascier to the site.
JUN 17: Viewed and reviewed the available footage from Snub Pollard's Slippery Slickers (1920). Many of these actors have had their film credits increased by +1. Another donation from Steve Wright - many thanks. Updated the bio page for Ethelyn Gibson thanks to work from Jesse.
JUN 15: Added a few more obscure Roach stars to the site: Ben Corday, Neely Edwards, Violet MacMillan, Martha Mattox, Bobby Vernon and Clifford Silsby. Also added Richard Cummings to the site, making him the 17th oldest actor to have appeared in a Hal Roach film. Four more actors identified from The Ol' Gray Hoss by Jesse.
JUN 14: It's been a very busy day. I quickly scanned through Road Show and added a few cast screenshots along the way. Also, during this little exercise I found Baldwin Cooke in a small role - so that bumps up his credits to 80 and more importantly it turns out to be his last film for Hal Roach as well. A few actors in the film did not have the credit listed on their individual pages, so that also now has been rectified. That means new credits for Richard Cramer (now 8), Clarence Wilson (now 8), Bess Flowers (now 14), James C. Morton (now 46), Jack Raymond (now 11). Naturally this means I have had to update the Top 261 list. Also added Shemp Howard to the site. Thanks to Craig Calman for keeping me on my toes with additions and corrections for the site. If that wasn't enough, Matthew Lydick also identified Andy Samuel as the boy in Charley Chase's The Rat's Knuckles, which now bumps him up to 22 films. Not enough for you? Steve Rydzewski has identified Sunshine Hart in Stan Laurel's Save The Ship as well. That was a lot of coding on the site today.
JUN 13: Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's The Ol' Gray Hoss (1928). Put a lot of effort into this one.

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