PLEASE BE AWARE: Due to a programming error (my fault) many of the links on this website currently do not work. This is being fixed on a daily basis, but with over 3,500 pages to manually correct this will take time.
The good news is that whilst I am repairing all the (asp? index) links I have made sure that the ACTORS A-Z and the FILMS A-Z pages are working with all the links up to date. The links which need repairing are those shown on individual actors pages (where their filmographies are) and on the individual film pages where the cast links are. MOST are fine, but many need updating. I am working several hours every day to fix all of these issues. I estimate the whole site to be fixed before April.



FEB 21: Back from Wales and the mountains. A big, big thanks to Jim Jarvis. Updated the page for Edward Soo Hoo after learning of his death last October [thanks Matthew Lydick for passing on this information to ANM].
FEB 16: The main inspiration for me starting this website, 9 years ago, was due to the unique and until-then ONLY reference to the solo works of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy by authour/film historian Rob Stone. Since then Rob and I have become good friends and he has been to my house in London twice. Yesterday we had this photograph taken together at the spot where I do my regular training. In the coming days I will be able to share some VERY exciting news regarding some new DVD/Blu-Ray releases for all fans of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy's solo films! Watch this space.
FEB 13: We have our first casualty of 2020. It's Gene Reynolds, who died earlier this month.
Added the poster for County Hospital, thanks to Gene Sorkin.
FEB 12: I have made some big changes to the site, in particular with this home page. I have shifted all of the EXTRAS onto their own separate page (see new icon at top of page) - also added a new ON THIS DAY section on that page. Both forums are also now accessible from the icons at the top for easier access. Background image added to this page and to the ACTORS A-Z page. A lot of experimental stuff going on at the moment. A new site banner will come soon as well. The Back Lot Tour will also be redesigned and made easier to use. Completely motivated by several very kind donations in the past 7 days from 3 different people, including a first-time donor. Trust me, it really lifts the mood and I am extremely grateful.
Lisa Cross has submitted some interesting information relating to Gertrude Short to the site. In other news, Sick-sense-of-humoured Steve Wright (with his £6.66 donations and weird fixation on Lyle Tayo) has found her in a couple of new films, which bulks up her tally to 73. And by the way, Scott Margolin, John Benson, Dave Glass and I have unwittingly formed the recently-created "Dippy Doo Dads Appreciation Society" of which I was the CEO and founder - and quickly resigned from when they decided to buy the plaque..... Haha! And in other, other news.... man, I have got some really exciting ideas for a complete website revamp, including the Dallape/Winslow Back Lot Tour (currently out of action) and a VERY different look to the home page - the ideas are so good in fact that I am going to award MYSELF a donation!!! Okay, back to work.... Just remember a lot of links still need fixing.
FEB 11: I am working several hours each day on this site fixing broken links. On Saturday I am having Rob Stone (author: "Laurel Or Hardy") round my house when he flies to the UK from the States, with one of the topics of discussion being a re-write of his fabulous book. Looking forward to that.... and a very important (and exciting announcement too - can't say too much at the moment unfortunately). A massive thank you to the three gentlemen who have so very kindly donated to this site in the past week. You do not fully realise just how grateful I am for the help; thank you for supporting this website and my work on it.
FEB 06: Added Charles A. Post, Kate Bruce and Lorraine Eason to the site. I also now have another film from the Dippy Doo Dads series in my possession (amazing, isn't it?!). It is Our Little Nell (1924), which strangely enough found its way onto a Looney Tunes DVD!
FEB 05: After hours and hours of coding and swearing, I have finally finished code-correcting the page for Actors A-Z. That now means that you can access every film and every actor from the two buttons at the top of each page. Now I have to go through all the individual pages on the site (3,542 pages) and manually correct each line of code where a link is in the old asp. format. Yeah, and my morale during that time to do any further work or updates or corrections on the site will be somewhere between 0 and -100. Thanks for your patience.
FEB 03: Good news - I have made a start, and it has taken me all day, but I can now confirm that all the links from the A-Z Film Titles page now are correct and updated with the correct code. For anyone who understands HTML coding, I have to go through the entire site, page by page to correct any link with the old "asp?" link into the correct "" link. And trust me, there are HUNDREDS of them! I shall make a start on the A-Z Actors page probably tomorrow. I am exhausted!
FEB 02: Please be advised that due to my complete and utter incompetence, I have deleted a vital page from the site which now means that several links no longer work. This is going to take weeks to fix.
JAN 28: Added Francis McDonald to the site. Also, I think I have fixed the 'virus' problem as well. It was some code I added to the home page, which I have now removed. If anybody continues to get the annoying pop-up please tell me.
JAN 25: Several people have written to me to advise that they are getting occasional pop-up screens which point to an adware or virus issue. It's not just you - I am getting those as well. I have passed the problem onto the tech department to see if they can find the problem. Apologies for any disruption.
JAN 22: Added several actors to the site from Laurel and Hardy's Babes In Toyland (1934); namely Arthur Lovejoy, Anne Brown, Charles Bimbo, Carl R. Botefuhr, Allen Waddell, Chuck Stubbs, Margaret Nearing, Alice Lake, Bobbie Hale, Richard Powell, John Wood.


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