PLEASE BE AWARE: Due to a programming error (my fault) many of the links on this website currently do not work. This is being fixed on a daily basis, but with over 3,500 pages to manually correct this will take time.
The good news is that whilst I am repairing all the (asp? index) links I have made sure that the ACTORS A-Z and the FILMS A-Z pages are working with all the links up to date. The links which need repairing are those shown on individual actors pages (where their filmographies are) and on the individual film pages where the cast links are. MOST are fine, but many need updating. I am working several hours every day to fix all of these issues.


DEC 03: Just an update: I have tons of e-mails from quite a few people who have offered ID's, trivia, new actors to add, information, film review requests and photos to examine. The list extends back about 2 months. I haven't forgotten, but my excuse for not doing them is simply because I have more important priorities in my life at the moment. Rest assured, I will get around to doing all of these when I find time and I do appreciate all the offers of help and assistance.
NOV 25: Thanks to Brian Barr and Steve Wright for their kind donations. Don't feel like I particularly deserve them based on the little amount of work I have done here lately (I am just exhausted), but it all really helps more than people realise and I am extremely grateful for every £. Thank you.
NOV 22: Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's MGM short Waldo's Last Stand (1940) after Robert Peterson wrote to me with the identities of the eight tap dancers. As for the film? Utter crap.
NOV 21: New film credit for Villie Latimer after Patrick Vasey identified her in Sugar Daddies. Steve Wright identifies another film for Lyle Tayo in Railroadin'. Drina Mohacsi identifies Terence McMillan and his brother Kenneth McMillan in The Sting Of Stings (with thanks to Matthew Lydick for passing this information on to me).
NOV 19: Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's Columbia short film Rattling Romeo (1939). Added Cy Schindell to the site.
NOV 17: Viewed and reviewed the 5 minutes of footage I have from Snub Pollard's Blow 'Em Up (1922). New film credit for Noah Young.
NOV 12: Added Harold Miller to the site and updated some pages with corrections (broken links and spelling errors). Thanks to CC. Thanks also to Jim Reid for his very kind donation.
NOV 11: Added 2 high resolution stills for Ada Lynn which I have put on her page, courtesy Robert Peterson. Some new information (film credits etc.) added for some actors, courtesy Craig Calman: Wilfred Lucas, Alexander Pollard and Lee Phelps. Added H.B. Warner to the site.

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