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The good news is that whilst I am repairing all the (asp? index) links I have made sure that the ACTORS A-Z and the FILMS A-Z pages are working with all the links up to date. The links which need repairing are those shown on individual actors pages (where their filmographies are) and on the individual film pages where the cast links are. MOST are fine, but many need updating. I am working several hours every day to fix all of these issues.



MAR 27: I have just readjusted the Top 250 to include a couple of entries I had missed out: Maynard Laswell (39 credits), Carlron Griffin (17 credits), Jack Egan (11 credits), Mabel Ballard (10 credits) and most inexcusibly Dorothy Coburn (20 credits). I also noted that I had not included "Laughing Gravy" (the dog) - who has 19 credits. But if I start adding animals then I have to add Pete (Our Gang dog) and before you know it the whole table gets overwhelmed with creatures and you have to draw the line somewhere because we DON'T want the Dippy Doo Dads on that list! Added Kenneth Harlan to the site.
MAR 26: Finally finished reviewing Merrily We Live (1938) - a delightful feature from Roach. Added Eddie Hart, Pat Flaherty and Marjorie Kane to the site. Some new information on George L. Marion has been researched and submitted by ANM's top detective Jim Jarvis.
MAR 25: Added 6 stills for At Sea Ashore. I have received several unexpected and very much appreciated donations this week - some of them for absolutely silly amounts (meaning BIG donations). Let me say this: I never expect them, and especially right now as the world is going through this virus issue. My family and I are "okay" for money and food at the moment, we are stocked up and as much as I do not wish to discourage the help offered to me from very kind people out there - please if you are going to donate to ANM be sure that you are able to do so without compromising your own situations. Please accept my gratitude and thanks for the help and know it is appreciated. It helps us more than you know. As for work on the site, you wouldn't believe the amount of time and hours I have been sat here updating and improving page codes and I can finally say now that all of the ACTORS pages are all in the same page formats. I am still working on fixing broken links to pages but I am making very good progress. A way to go yet but rest assured I am working several hours every day on the site. I have to fix the past before I can deal with the future.... if you know what I mean!
MAR 16: The last leading lady from a Laurel & Hardy movie, Suzy Delair has left the building. She was 102 years old.
MAR 15: Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's Should Husbands Be Watched? (1925).
MAR 10: Sarah Edwards becomes only the second Welsh-born actor to be added to the site (Richard Daniels was the only other).
MAR 09: Date of death added for Jean Porter, thanks to Cuckoo Calman. Thanks to Jim Jarvis for his generous donation to the site, and the hilarious "fund" it was meant to be used for.
MAR 08: Added Marjorie Rambeau and Ray Mayer to the site as I continue to try and complete my Merrily We Live review. Thanks to Brian Barr and Steve Wright for their generous donations today. Much appreciated.
MAR 06: Almost a complete page re-write for Lyle Tayo from several e-mails from Steve Wright who has gone to some incredible lengths to lend his obsession of her to this site! Some of it is his opinion, some of it is newly-discovered and very interesting facts. The page is a bit long, but this is the sort of stuff I welcome here! Added other several bits of information to the site which have been sent by Tommie Hicks (header images for Jack Earle and Harry Sweet; LampyMeier2007 (identification of George L. Marion, Brent Seguine (identifaction of Eddie Parker), and Scott Margolin (lots of Dippy Doo Dads stuff). Lots of pages are being updated and repaired every day, which is why no film reviews are getting done!
MAR 05: Added George L. Marion to the site, thanks to LampyMeier2007.
MAR 04: Reviewed the first 30 minutes of Merrily We Live (1938), which was the last All-Star feature produced by the studios. The page was blank so I filled it up with some cast shots and partial review and will finish it shorlty. Added Phillip Reed and the lovely Bonita Granville to the site. Also, added a few non-Roach actors to the site, based on the fact they appeared in a film with Oliver Hardy (important criteria for this website): B.F. Flinn, Jack Earle, Henry Murdock, Harry Sweet.
MAR 03: Added the Larry Semon & Babe Hardy film Stop, Look And Listen (1926) to the database after some footage from it turned up. Have added some cast screenshots.
MAR 02: Added Emmylou Wallace, Lillian Rothchild and Caroline Fowler to the site, albeit with little information.
FEB 29: Updated the page for Malcolm Denny thanks to Jesse's research.
FEB 27: Added Clarence Geldart to the site.
FEB 26: Tommie Hicks has sent in a headshot image for Alice Davenport; whilst Jesse has submitted correct information for Art Stevenson.
FEB 25: Added Sidney DeGray, Maybelle Beringer, Brownie Brownell, Rose Eghers, Alice Davenport, Clara Lucas, George Marion and H. Smith to the site.
FEB 24: Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's Beginner's Luck (1935). Tedious.
FEB 23: Added Kitty Kelly to the site.
FEB 22: Added 6 of the missing Keystone screenshots of Mabel Normand to her page.


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