PLEASE BE AWARE: Due to a programming error (my fault) many of the links on this website currently do not work. This is being fixed on a daily basis, but with over 3,500 pages to manually correct this will take time.
The good news is that whilst I am repairing all the (asp? index) links I have made sure that the ACTORS A-Z and the FILMS A-Z pages are working with all the links up to date. The links which need repairing are those shown on individual actors pages (where their filmographies are) and on the individual film pages where the cast links are. MOST are fine, but many need updating. I am working several hours every day to fix all of these issues.


SEP 17: Work on this website has been halted for the foreseeable future. Future donations (if any), corrections and necessary important updates will continue to be acknowledged.
AUG 22: Viewed and reviewed the Streamliner Calaboose (1943). Added Roy Bucko and Walter Bacon to the site.
AUG 21: Added Marc Lawrence to the site.
AUG 20: I have stayed away from this site for a while now to work on my much-preferred Hitchcock project, but today I had to come back here to view and review the god-damned awful Streamliner Dudes Are Pretty People (1942) and after doing so I instantly regretted it! Honestly after watching that bunch of crap by the end of it I wanted to kill someone. It is awful. Still got 5 more to do, as a courtesy to ClassicFlix who very kindly sent me Vols. 2 & 3 of their new DVDs. Sorry guys, I appreciate your generosity but I have to call it the way I see it - and this film was utter bollocks. It was worse than sitting through a Stan Laurel solo film. I just cannot describe to you just how bad this was. As a result of this, six new actors have been added to the site: Jan Duggan, Alberto Morin, Bob Gregory, Oscar O'Shea, Marjorie Gateson and Russell Gleason.
AUG 07: Tommie Hicks identifies Robert Finlayson in Thundering Fleas, and Ena Gregory in Double Whoopee, and Hal Roach in Ruses, Rhymes And Roughnecks. Added Rose Mendel to the site.
AUG 02: Updated the bio for Shirley Coates after she passed away last week. I have also caught up with filling in the missing few dates for July.

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