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~DLH, February 2021.


MAR 08:
-Fellow Brit Lewis Davenport has sent me an extensive amount of research he has conducted on Frank Terry/Nat Clifford. It confirms that he was BRITISH and not American (which when you think about it makes sense, given his accent). Great work, Lewis.
MAR 07:
-Another collaboration with Robert Winslow, co-creator of The Back Lot Tour, who has once again submitted an extensive review and trivia notes for the Musical-Comedy Benny, From Panama (1934). Another credit for Edgar Sherrod, but I do have to say I do disagree with Robert's other suggestions of unidentified cast members.
MAR 04:
-Page upgrade with new trivia notes sent in by Robert Winslow, for Charley Chase's Another Wild Idea (1934). He confirms my suspicion of Billy Engle (now 42 film credits), and also adds Eddie Dunn (now 38) to the cast liast as well. Great work, thanks Bob. Got tons of other stuff to add but it's finding the time to do it all.
MAR 03:
-More identified actors from It Happened One Day include: Charles Dorety (now 22 film credits), Art Rowlands (12), Ray Turner (7), Bobby Callahan (6), and Harry Dunkinson (4). All pages now updated. Thanks to Jesse for his help.
MAR 02:
-Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's It Happened One Day (1934) after some extensive notes sent to me by Robert Winslow. Found some previously-uncredited actors as well: Carl M. Leviness (now 16 film credits), Ernie Alexander (26), and Harry Bernard (96), (and a possible Charles Dorety?). So that bumps all of their credits up. A good day's work. Thanks Bob, for the motivation on this one.
FEB 27:
-Added Jean Austin to the site, thanks to Bob Peterson's detective work.
FEB 25:
-Donations always somehow manage to motivate me! So today I viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's I'll Take Vanilla (1934). Found Chet Brandenburg (82), Baldwin Cooke (84) and Jack Hill (99) in the film so this bumps all of their credits up!
FEB 24:
-Thank you to Jim Jarvis for his 19th donation to the site.
FEB 23:
-Thank you to Brian Barr for his 38th consecutive monthly donation.
FEB 22:
-Updated and restructured the Edna Murphy Menu with newly-discovered information relating to release dates and correct titles. Thanks to John Benson for passing this information along. (Please note that the title links on the page are currently blank)
FEB 14:
-Viewed and reviewed Stan Laurel's Collars And Cuffs (1923).
-Steve Rydzewski has identified Dorothea Wolbert in Our Gang's Barnum & Ringling, Inc. which means she climbs the ladder in the Most Credits list. (This was previously thought to be Patsy O'Byrne).
FEB 11:
-Stan Taffel has sent me some information regarding Laurel and Hardy's That's My Wife, including screenshots from a very rare print which includes footage not seen in DVD prints. I have also added 8 stills, a new poster and a lobby card to the page as well as refurbishing it into the new layout. You may have to press CTRL+F5 to do a hard refresh to see the changes.
FEB 06:
- Chris Lynton and Hughie Mack move up the Most Credits list after their discoveries in Doing Time.
-Steve Rydzewski has identified Owen Evans and Bobby Dunn in the Larry Semon/Stan Laurel film Bears And Bad Men; as well as ID'ing Evans with Sunshine Hart in Stan Laurel's A Man About Town.
FEB 05:
-Updated the page for Snub Pollard's Doing Time (1920) after several screenshots from it were posted on an eBay listing. I have identified most of the cast from the shots. If anyone knows who the original seller is please tell me so I can give them deserved credit on the site.
-Chris Bungo has added a new "Then & Now" video to his channel for On The Wrong Trek.
FEB 03:
-Lots of updates on the site today as I am working my way back through about 50 e-mails (many of them from Bob Peterson) that needed addressing for the website:
-Added this still as well as screenshots for Gloria Browne and Marianne Edwards for The Lucky Corner.
-New information added for Patsy Barry, with research from Jim Jarvis and Bob Peterson. Her birth year still looks suspicious to me though.
-Added Jana Ekelund and Patsy May's screenshots for Our Gang Follies Of 1938.
-Added Gwen, Doris and Betty Brian from Our Gang's Our Gang Follies Of 1936.
-Modified the Films A-Z page with better layout.
-Steve Rydzewski proposes that the "P. McGuire" listed in Annette's Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia may in fact be Paddy's WIFE, Patricia?
-Thanks to Steve Wright for his fine donation, and for identifying his lady Lyle Tayo in His Wooden Wedding.
-Updated the menu pages for both The Spat Family and Will Rogers in the new style/format and repaired all the broken links.
-Interesting contribution from Jon R. Kennedy who wrote to me regarding details of the calendar seen in Laurel and Hardy's Angora Love. I have added it to the trivia section on the page.
-Several film pages which I have recently experimented with are now up on the site. See the "Updated Films" section at the top of the page and click on the posters.
JAN 28:
-Added Paddy McGuire to the site. [thanks Steve Rydzewski, Jesse Brisson and Jim Jarvis for all their help with this one].
-Thanks also to Chris Jaunsen for his very kind donation.
JAN 25:
-Jesse Brisson has identified Marjorie Whiteis and Dick Gilbert in Sure-Mike! (1925).
JAN 24:
-Added Raymond Walburn to the site.
-Updated the page for Charles Judels with extra credits. Thanks to Craig Calman.
-Added new screenshot for Iris Adrian.
JAN 23:
-Added Lloyd Corrigan to the site.
-New and improved menu for The Taxi Boys series.
-Added film credits for Charles Sullivan [thanks Craig Calman].
-Updated the page for Jules Mendel after Craig spotted him in the film Sure-Mike! (1925).
-Thanks to Tom Schober and Brian Barr for their donations.
JAN 22:
-I have updated/upgraded the page for The Boy Friends' menu with some fun facts and better text. The images on the page are also clickable for enlarging as well.
JAN 20:
-Added headshot and screenshots for Patsy Barry, thanks to Bob Peterson.
JAN 19:
-Viewed and reviewed The Boy Friends' film Air-Tight (1931), which chucked up another new film credit for Jack Hill, which moves him on to 98 Roach films now.
-Updated the Actors A-Z page with the new font and background I am aiming for. Looks much cleaner, much tidier.
JAN 14:
-Massively improved pages for Laurel and Hardy's Air Raid Wardens and A-Haunting We Will Go with tons of new images (posters, lobby cards etc.) added.
JAN 12:
-Thank you, Eric for your kind donation today.
JAN 03:
-Just a subtle little change to Films A-Z page with the two titles with numbers at the beginning of their titles reassigned to the beginning of the list. Oh, you'll see what I mean!
-Johannes Brügger becomes the 84th person to donate to the site with an incredibly generous donation today.
JAN 02:
-First donation of 2021 comes from Irv Hyatt.

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