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JUN 01: First donation of the month comes from Eric Schultz - big. big thanks for your continued support of this site. Viewed and reviewd Harold Lloyd's magnificent (note sarcasm) Back To The Woods (1919), which was released 101 years ago today.
MAY 31: Donation from Irv Hyatt (4th this year!) Many thanks, my friend. A complete version of Charley Chase's The Rat's Knuckles (1925) has popped up on YouTube containing extra scenes which are missing from the Becoming Charley Chase DVD. I have detailed all of this on the page and adjusted my plot summary to accommodate this extra bit of plot. Credit to Dave Glass for reconstructing this. It now means Dick Gilbert's film credits go up to 68. In total there were 4 missing intertitle cards and 65 seconds of footage. Details on the page.
MAY 30: Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's Leaping Love (1929), albeit with strict conditions not to publish any screenshots from the film. I was able to identify a few extra people in it too including Hayes Robertson (now 16 credits) and Clara Guiol (now 36 credits) - so that bumps up their Roach films. Some great locations shots - hopefully I can post all of these in the near future. Added some miscellaneous material for The Call Of The Wild thanks to John Benson. And that rollercoaster ride with the car at the end of Chase's Snappy Sneezer has been identified by John Bengston who kindly sent me the article on it (see film page for details). Page tidy up with new cast added for Block-Heads. Also tidied up and upgraded the page for Swiss Miss with 120 new cast members added. Yes you read that right - and I STILL haven't finished the review!
MAY 28: Re-edited, improved and upgraded my review for Charley Chase's Snappy Sneezer (1929), now with much cleaner shots (taken from the sound version instead of the silent version), more location shots, much tighter review and a new section for interior shots (which I think I may make a permanent feature now for all films). And I finally identified Sam Lufkin too (it was hard to see him in the silent version due to the quality of my print). Another very rare Chase film being reviewed tomorrow....
MAY 27: Added James Ford, Dixie Gray, Barbara Leonard and Jay Eaton to the site.
MAY 26: My friend Peter Mikkelsen has sent the site 11 wonderful Hal Roach film posters, which I shall be adding shortly. These include two new Charley Chase posters, which I have added: Is Everybody Happy? and Stepping Out. This is extremely significant because the poster reveals that Edgar Kennedy appears in the film, so I have now added the film to his credits, which now bumps him up to 53 Roach films! Some new Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang and All Stars posters to add...
Added Kathleen O'Connor to the site.
MAY 23: Thanks to Brian Barr for his kind donation today. Some updates, corrections and alterations sent in from Eric Schultz and Matthew Lydick: Tommy Hicks is not the fat boy in Our Gang's A Pleasant Journey, so that credit has now been removed from both pages, and 'his' screenshot relegated to the unidentified section on the film page.
Eric has identified Harry Bowen as the postman in Charley Chase's Be Your Age which now bumps Harry up to 44 Roach film credits.
Added the cast screenshots for Our Gang's The Big Show! (1923) using that magnificent restored print from Robin Cook.
Added Donald Hughes and Virginia Peck to the site. Special thanks to Drina for her ongoing great work in identifying these child actors from a hundred years ago!
Some footage from Wild Papa (1925) has been posted on YouTube by Eye Filmmuseum, and I have identified all three cast from the clip and added their screenshots to the page. This boosts Al Hallett's Roach film credits up to 24 now.
MAY 20: My thanks to Andrea and Tom for their collective donations of £273 to the site in the past 48 hours.
MAY 17: Added the original title card for the Dippy Doo Dads' Handle 'Em Rough (1924) which for years had been misidentified as "Up And At 'Em". I have also now corrected the stupid Doo Dads menu page to reflect this. Thanks to Stan Taffel.
MAY 15: Added Jean Arthur, Ruth Cherrington and Mario Carillo to the site.
MAY 13: Viewed and reviewed Our Gang's Giants vs. Yanks (1923), which is pretty awful. Ironically, the theme consists of the kids being held in a house during a quarantine owing to a virus.
MAY 12: Stan Taffel has kindly provided this website with the original title card and credits from The Dippy Doo-Dads' The Man Pays (1924) from his personal print of the film.
MAY 10: Viewed and reviewed Charley Chase's Looking For Sally (1925), which was released 95 years ago today. In doing so I was able to identify some actors not previously known about in the film: I am pretty sure that is Evelyn Burns as Sally's mother, and Chet Brandenburg has a small role too. As both are in the Top 261 list this affects their overall tallies. I spent over 7 hours working on this 20 minute film!
MAY 09: Viewed and reviewed Snub Pollard's Trotting Through Turkey (1920), which was released 100 years ago today. Added Frederick Peters to the site, thanks to Steve Massa. Some new ID's for Langdon's The Shrimp also added, including Wallace Howe and Otto Fries, and with Charley Rogers and Charles McAvoy removed. Thanks to Richard Bann, Steve Massa and Jesse Brisson for their respective help. A lot of shuffling going on in the Top 261 as a result of all this, because just for good measure I discovered both Eddie Boland and Bob O'Conor with new, previously undiscovered roles in the new Pollard film. A good day's work. Thanks to Irv Hyatt for his very kind donation as well. And breathe........
MAY 07: Viewed and reviewed the seventh Langdon/Roach film from the DVD: The Shrimp (1930), the best one so far.
MAY 05: Viewed and reviewed the sixth Langdon/Roach film from the DVD: The Big Kick (1930), which I watched side-by-side with the Spanish-language version, La Estacion De Gasolina so that I could make the necessary obervations for the comparisons as well as grabbing all the cast screenshots. That was tough, believe me. That now means I have reviewed all eight films on the site (The Shrimp and The King are the final two, and I have already covered those previously - I just need to upgrade the screenshots.) And another donation too - thanks Andrea Ippoliti. So many people feeling sorry for me having to watch all these films!!
MAY 04: Viewed and reviewed the fifth Langdon/Roach film from the DVD: The Fighting Parson (1930). Another donation for the site, courtesy of Tim Reese. Thank you very much. Added all of the intertitle cards from the silent version of Unaccustomed As We Are - and there were so MANY! Took ages to do. Also I tidied up the page and added in some low-res lobby cards and a couple of stills I had lying around as well. An important film, even if it isn't a particularly a good one.
MAY 03: Viewed and reviewed the fourth Langdon/Roach film from the DVD: The Head Guy (1930). I'm pretty confident that is Baldwin Cooke as the station assistant so I have added him. I am happy to be challenged on this, however. Also, another very kind Donation from Steve (two in two days?) - all are acknowledged, recorded and very much appreciated.
MAY 02: Viewed and reviewed the third Langdon/Roach film from the DVD: Skirt Shy (1929). An improvement over the first two, it must be said. Added Arthur Thalasso and Neal Ables to the database. Donation from Steve - maybe he feels sorry for me having to watch these Langdon films! But thanks very much mate, really appreciated.
MAY 01: Viewed and reviewed the second Langdon/Roach film from the DVD: Sky Boy (1929). Also, ClassicFlix have announced volume 4 of their Streamliners Collection series and I have added a link at the bottom of this page with the DVD sleeve.
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