Blanche Payson
born: September 20, 1881
Santa Barbara, California, USA
died: July 4, 1964
Hollywood, California, USA
(aged 82)
Frightening tall, beefy American actress, who started out with Mack Sennett before a stint at the Hal Roach Studios.  In her films she took no nonsense and could scare a man just by looking at him!

Born Mary Elizabeth Loring.  She was 6'2" tall.

4 2 2 2 1 57
 Bears And Bad Men  (1918)  Maw Cutshaw
 The Midnight Cabaret  (1923)  Woman at table
 Half A Man  (1925)  Shipwrecked woman
 Should Men Walk Home?  (1927)  Guest
 Below Zero  (1930)  Formidable woman

 Tiembla Y Titubea  (1930)  Formidable woman
 Our Wife  (1931)  Mrs. Gladding
 War Mamas  (1931)  Head nurse
 Dogs Is Dogs  (1931)  Spud's mother
 Helpmates  (1932)  Mrs. Hardy
 Love Pains  (1932)  Mrs. Kornman

 Red Noses  (1931)  Dr. Payson

Pop Goes The Easel  (29 March 1935, Columbia Pictures)  Art student

Hoi Polloi
  (29 August 1935, Columbia Pictures)  Curly's burly dance partner

Slippery Silks  (27 December 1936, Columbia Pictures)  Woman tackler

From Nurse To Worse  (23 August 1940, Columbia Pictures)  Nurse at Bellevue

Cookoo Cavaliers  (15 November 1940, Columbia Pictures)  Mackerel customer

In The Navy  (30 May 1941, Universal Pictures)  Hatchet-faced woman

An Ache In Every Stake  (22 August 1941, Columbia Pictures)  Woman with bullhorn

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