Get 'Em Young • Another Nice Mess: The Films from the Hal Roach Studios and more...

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    ~ G e t   ' E m   Y o u n g ~    
    Director:  Fred L. Guiol
Producer:  Hal Roach
Cinematography:  Harry W. Gerstad
    Hal Roach Studios/Pathé Exchange
31 October 1926
  ....... COMING SOON
COMING SOON             [image]



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[image]       COMING SOON

This silent film has some important history to it: Oliver Hardy was scheduled to play the part of the butler but had to pull out after he burnt himself with a leg of lamb.  Stan Laurel was persuaded (albeit reluctantly) to step in to replace him.
 •On January 9th 1927, at the Laurier Palace theatre, Montreal, Canada, 78 people died during a showing of this film. A fire broke out in the projection room, and was quickly under control, but the audience, consisting mostly of children, panicked and stampeded towards the exits; those in the gallery became trapped in the stairwell, and the 78 died of being crushed. 77 of the dead were 16 years old or younger.
Did you notice?

Harry Myers
Orvid Joy
Eugenia Gilbert
The girl
Stan Laurel
Summers, the butler
Max Davidson
Isaac Goldberg, a lawyer
Charlotte Mineau
Hired bride
Fred Malatesta
Ernest Wood
Lawrence Lavendar Virgin, female impersonator



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